Tuesday 31 December 2019

The Battle of Enns River - A 25mm Napoleonic Batrep

I should have posted this game a few weeks ago, but time seems to have flown by, infact its nearly 2020!!!

Me and Surj went round our old pal and Rejected Reject Ian's new shed.

Ian has a very large 28mm Napoleonic collection and put on a large game for us. The Battle of Enns River. Surj played the French while I played the Austrian's

Ian's spent a lot of his hard earned dosh on some beautiful terrain boards, which are all individually handmade. 

One of my Austrian line units, looking very pretty.

My CnC

The aim of the game was to destroy our opponent, but to try to take and hold the bridge in the centre foreground. It looked like Surj ignored the bridge, setting up the majority of his army in his centre right. 

Ian's great looking buildings out on show, The French line unit has just moved out of the building complex.

This is the left flank of my infantry, roughly in the centre of the table.

The bridge is on the right of this pic, hence the large number of troops this side of the table.

Surj didn't have a lot of troops facing me here, so I moved out of the building onto the road.

Who's gonna get to the hedgeline first?

Luvvly ranks!

Surj's French, blocking his artillery????

You should get a better idea of the board from this pic.
The bridge can just be seen on the right.

The left of the table. Ian needs some curtain's the sun was beating in through the windows ruining my photos!!


At the start of the game during the setup. We had to throw a dice off, whoever lost had to place a brigade. Surj elected to place his Cavalry on the extreme right of his army. So I placed mine ther as well.

But I placed mine, so I could get 2 units to his 1, if we charged?

I had a reserve brigade behind my front brigade on the left. I started to move this out to make a new flank.

Imoved as quickly as possible on my right as Surj hadn't placed many units there.

Austrian artillery giving fire.

Nearly at the hedge.

I'm pleased with how its going so far.

I do like Ian's Grenzers.

No Surj, you can't do that!!!!

Big units!

And small units

After a lot of debate, Surj finally decides that he will charge, I was gonna charge whatever happened. And I do manage to hit with both units. Surj wasn't happy???? 

My brigade of Grenadiers close in for the kill.

But there's still some way to go.

I prepare for the French onslaught that'll be coming my way pretty soon!

After a lot of flaffing about Surj gets some of his units into column

I should be able to hang on............I hope?

Surj's Hussars take heavy casualties and lose the melee

And flee back, taking the unit behind them with them.

Its getting late, we've been playing for 6 hours!

So unfortunately that's where the game ended!
Ian declared the a draw, although Surj had lost the most casualties and I held the bridge.
Ian used the rules In the Grand Manner, which worked very well, obviously Postie pinched some for the rule ideas for his 15mm Napoleonic set of rules.
We will be having another few games in the New Year no doubt!!!
Well done Ian, and it was great to have a game with you again.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

I'd like to wish all my friends and followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020.

Three of my favorite Xmas films.

Muppet Xmas Carol

"Light the lamp not the rat, light the lamp not the rat "


"This place reminds me of Santa’s Workshop. Except it smells like mushrooms and 
everyone looks like they want to hurt me.”

A Christmas Carol

"Its all humbug I tell you"

Sunday 8 December 2019

Batrep - The Battle of Beaumont Castle 1460

Long lost Reject John made an appearance at Reject HQ over the weekend. He was visiting some pals in London on Friday night and came down to Gravesend on the Saturday for a game.

Postie sorted out a War of the Roses game for us all John and Smiffy were the Lancastrians, me, Lee and Surj were the Yorkists.

Duke of Buckingham - Smiffy CnC - Buffoon 1

Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Shire Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill
Light gun and 4 crew

Earl of Shrewsbury - John 2nd I/C - Plodding 3

Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill
Irish Bonnachts
Light multi Barreled gun and 4 crew

Viscount Beaumont 3rd I/C - Plodding 3

Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill
Welsh Spearman

Lord Hungerford 4th I/C - Efficient 5

Mounted Men at Arms
Mounted Currours


Edward Earl of March C/O Ray - Brilliant 6
Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Shire Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill
Light gun and 4 crew

Earl of Warwick 2 I/C Surj - Buffoon 1
Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill

Lord Fauconburg 3rd I/C Lee - Efficient 4
Men at Arms
Retinue Archers
Retinue Bill
Shire Bill
Light multi-barreled gun and 4 crew

Lord Berners 4th I/C Brilliant 6
Mounted Men at Arms
Mounted Currours
Mounted Hobilars

Postie set the troops up, it wasn't going to be a straight head on fight?

My troops the Earl of March on the left , Surj's Earl of Warwick on the right.
We were tasked with taking the hill in front of us, so we could them bombard Beaumont Castle into submission. 

We decided I would move towards the hill, while Surj would angle his troops against the Lancastrians set up by the castle.

My Battle

Beaumont Castle

A view down the battlefield

I decided I'd hold back from moving up the hill and let Smiffy go up first, I night be able to get 2 lots of shot up the hill to his 1 coming back down.

On our left, Lee advanced with orders to try and wipe out John's archers and then get into combat.
We weren't really sure what to do with our 3 Cavalry units? There just wasn't any room for them?? 

We gave the Lancastrians the first move and fire. John took advantage knocking 4 figures off
of Lee's archers!!!

Lee moves up as quick as possible

Smiffy moves up on the hill

Bad Boy Surj knocks over his Pikemen.
And makes it onto the Posties Reject "Hall of Shame"

On the left, I think this is where the battles going to be won or lost.....

John's archers fail their morale after taking heavy losses and moves back.

Blurry pic time
I advance up the hill as we won first turn and fire, I should be able to pound Smiffy's archers now.

A very handy stone, helps my troops balance on the hill.

Even though I threw first, my archers came off worse in the arrow fight.

The Yorkist Cavalry move towards the centre.

And they're in!
Both Lee and John charge!!!!

On the right Surj's Billmen charge Smiffy's Welsh Spearmen.

I move up getting into charge position.

Surj turns his archers to shoot the oncoming Cavalry.

Who, John's trying to maneuver around the rough ground. 

Edward Earl of March looks very pleased with himself on top of the hill.

Its a tough tussle, but Lee's Men at Arms defeat John's Men at Arms and Billmen

Both of John's units are pushed back behind the rear units all 4 are now dis-ordered.

Lee's troop carry on their charge. Lee's Men at Arms defeat John's Men at Arms
Then its Lee's Pikemens turn. These are right Bar$tards to fight against. John's 2 ranks of troops fight Lee's 3 ranks of Pikemen. 10 D6 v 15 D6. 

John is mauled!!!!
Lee scores 13 hits out of 15 dice!!!!
We had to pick poor Lee up off the floor and waft a cool tea towel in front of  his face.

Both of John's units route through the units behind.

Now here's where i had to leave the game for a while. I had a call from the Mrs, saying she had 
a flat tyre!!!!!

When I came back the game was over!!!

John failed all 4 morale checks on the troops who had routed. which meant they all left the field. This bought the Lanacastrian army to over 7 units lost, which automatically ended the game.
For his heroic endeavors is melee and dice rolling Lee was awarded the MVP!

The poor Lancastrian's Smiffy and John never stood a chance against the might of the Yorkist army!
Well Lee anyway!!!

I had to take a photo of the casualties, just to rub it in really.
These is the Yorkist casualties

And these are the Lancastrian's!!!!

I think you could call that a right royal mauling!!!