Tuesday 24 September 2019

15mm 4Ground Dutch Houses

Not being content with the 25mm version's of 4Ground's great looking Dutch Houses, again at Salute I purchased their 15mm versions of the same buildings.

I'd like to say they were easier to put together than their 25mm conterparts, which they were, although they were a little more fiddly, but that's most probably due to my fat sausage fingers!

I only bought five of the buildings because that's all they had left and I do already have loads of other makes to make a massisve town.

You know I said they were fiddly? Well that's my skin stuck on the decorative brickwork on the building on the right!!Nothing that a brush of paint or ink will cover over of course.......whenever I get round to it????

I've left the insides plain for the moment, I did toy with the idea of painting the inside white or grey, just to tone down the stark effect, when the roofs are on you don't really notice the insides so I will probably leave them as they are.

As I bought 2 sets of buildings twice, (the blue and green buildings) I changed the colour of their roofs, just to make them look a little different, which I think worked very well.

Monday 16 September 2019

Skirmish ! Wargames Model Soldiers Military Modelling Show. Sept 19

Can't believe we're nearly half way through September already??? September for the Rejects means a short 20 minute trip to attend Skirmish, a great little Model and Wargames Show in Sidcup.

First stop for Lee, Postie and myself was Art of War Shirts
Thoroughly nice chap Glen was very happy to sell us all a few of his excellent T-Shirts.
I let the side down wearing an Adidas top instead of one of Glen's!!
Bad Boy Ray!

The Main Trader Hall. Skirmish isn't a massive show, but its still very worth your while paying a visit

There was a great display of Sudan Wars period dress and weaponry.

Everyone's favourite Col, Bill

It was a shame, both traders and games were down on the last show, it needs a little more support, you never know the Rejects might even put a game on at the next show??

Oh yes!!!
Not sure my misses would share my appreciation for this work of Art?
I can just imagine this beauty sitting above the fireplace at home......

John doing his very best sales pitch!

Skirmish organiser Craig, from Red Coat Models

Original Paintings

Painters plying their trade!

Old Guard Wargames Club - Spanish Civil War

Skirmish Wargames - Viva Revolution 1915, Mexican Revolution 
My fav game of the show

Postie, Dave Crook and Moi!

The Privateers of London - The Battle of the Yellow Sea 1904

Milton Hundred Wargames Club - Conflict in Kent 1941

The Bring & Buy

Medway Wargames

Not sure who these chaps were - Old School figures