Tuesday 15 August 2017

The Battle of Schlosshugel 1760 - A SYW Batrep

The Rejects got together last Sunday, for a Seven Years War game, using a newer version of Posties new SYW rules. Some of the lads have already played Posties rules before, although it was my first game, and I gotta say an enjoyable game and set of rules it was!

Surj & Ian who had both played the rules before were the CnC's
Surj played the French along with Smithy, while I joined the British CnC Ian,

Part of my command
The Hanoverian's

Ian played the British and German allies in the centre

including the Highlanders

and the Hessian regt Erbprinz and Brunswick's ... regt

The terrain was luckily favouring us, the Brits.
So The French set up close together with their Horse facing the British centre.
Was Surj gonna go for a full blown cavalry assault???

The French centre, packed with Cuirassiers and supported by Dragoons

Facing them were the cream of the British Empire

I moved our Dragoon Guards around our left flank, and pushed forward to make a defensive
 line on our right.

Ian pushed the German artillery up to join the front ranks.

Surj didn't move forward with his horse, so Ian pulled his centre right around.

Ian pushed his Hanoverian Jagers forward to take a potshot at the French and also cover my advancing Horse.

Meanwhile on the right, Smithy was taking heavy casualties by my Hanovarians.

Surj pulled his Dragoons around his right flank to counter my horse.

Smithy under Surj's command crossed the hedge behind the farmhouse.
Trouble was it was against Posties advice, but they still did it??

Bit of a blurry pic, but we have our first charge of the day.
The British Dragoon Guards and French Dragoons both charge each other....

The Brits gave the French Dragoons a bloody nose and sent them packing!

As the French cavalry couldn't move for a turn, I turned mine around to perhaps
charge the flank of the French infantry.

Things were going very well on our right, I was giving Smithy a damned good thrashing!!!

The French infantry went into square.
There was no way I was going to charge them, so I chose the flank of the French Cuirassiers instead.

With the artillery and three units fleeing back, our right was looking pretty good!

Hanovarian Grenadiers

Not quite sure what the French were up to here. They were told they could only move out our side of the farmhouse in column, and couldn't fire or charge out either. SO why did they put all 4 units in there? Effectively taking the 4 units OUT of the game?

Still giving Smithy a beating on our right!
he he! 

German regt Saxe Gotha

Regt Erbprinz hides behind the hedge and takes a potshot at the French artillery.
Knocking them down to half effect.

Hanavarian regts kicking butt!

Me & Ian couldn't understand what was going on?

The French Cavalry were never going to charge after all?

Surj and Smithy pulled the plug
Game over!
Postie added up the points
It was a resounding 10-0 thrashing!

Myself and Ian both thought, the French cavalry would strike first, and after seeing the French set up, we knew that was their plan. But.......it never happened. Surj left it far too late to attack with the horse, his plan was to try and soften us with artillery and infantry, then go in with the horse. But the infantry never got in, they wasted 4 units in the farmhouse, knowing that they could do nothing except march out our side in column. So we did the sensible thing and blocked the route?
There will be a replay of this game with the sides being switched, both myself and Ian are quietly confident already! And I'm not even sure I can make the game!!!