Thursday 31 January 2013

RP No117 Flodden Scots Archers and Artillery

More figures for my Flodden Scots army,  three units of Scottish archers and three artillery pieces, these figures were my 6th entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge, and earned me 88 points. The archers are all MY Miniatures, Scots bowmen, with a few English bowmen thrown in for good measure. As far as I've read there were no Scots bow units at Flodden, but they were present at Pinkie a few years later. 
As for the artillery, I bought these from ebay a few years ago and haven't a clue what make they are, they could be Minifigs, but I'm not sure at all, any ideas?????

Tuesday 29 January 2013

RP No 116 Curt's Ronin No34

The price for entering Curt's Analogue (spelt right?) Hobbies Painting Challenge was to paint up a Ronin figure for Curt's 47 Ronin project. I bought 5 figures from ebay which are now sold by Foundry, but were originally Citadel Personality figures, the only figure I could identify was the figure second left in the pic above. Him being, Miyamota Musashi, who created a two sword Kenjutsu technique Ni-Ten Ichi Ryu. I've no idea who the other figures represent apart from the obvious Ninja.
I originally just painted up the Musashi, figure to send to Curt, but enjoyed the different paintjob so much, (I've never painted any Samurai figures before) so I painted the others up as well, then decided to offer Curt the choice of figures, he chose the chap in red above saying " I think I have to go with the fellow who's sporting a chap's head as a fashion accessory, (It's all the rage in Osaka, you know....)

These Ronin earned me 35 points in the Curt's Challenge, I'm currently in 8th place a mere 803 points behind the leader!!!

Ronin No 34 Curtoshi Camburo

The other 3 figures are up for sale now, for £5 each so if your interested, just let me know!


There were originally 5 figures in the bag from ebay, but one of them mysteriously vanished just after I showed them to Fran, he denies all knowledge of the figures existence, and even after showing him the ebay photo of 5 figures, still says he didn't pinch it.....the git!

Miyamota Musashi

Sunday 27 January 2013

FOR SALE - Flames of War - 28th Maori Battalion

I dug these figures out of the deepest darkest depths of my lead draw just before Christmas, they're looking for a new home, so they're up for sale on ebay, at the moment for the measly sum of £35.99, that's just under £1 per figure?
Check out the Battleaxe Blog for a few more pics.

These guys are painted up to represent the Fearless 28th Maori Battalion for Flames of War WW2 rules.

Friday 25 January 2013

RP No115 Flodden 15mm Highlanders

MacLeans of Duart

Hot on the heels of Wigmore Warrior John's 25mm Flodden figures, come my first 15mm figures for the Battle of Flodden. These are 3 units of Highlanders that fought on the right flank of the Scottish battle line. They were under the joint command of Archibald Campbell, Earl of Argyle and Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox.
All the figures are from MY Miniatures, they sell a great range specifically for Flodden, check them out! I've actually had the figures for around 6 years and have been planning on getting them finished before the 500th anniversay of the battle, but you know what its like, that little lead demon comes out and bites you on the arse and before you know it you've bought another period to paint. But thanks to Curt's Analogue Painting Challenge, (spelt correctly Curt....this time anyway?), all the other stuff gets a lick of paint, I've still got hundreds of the buggers to paint up and only 53 days left!!! Talking of the Challenge I'm currently at No 8 in the chart, only 800 odd points behind the runaway leader James. But at least I'm beating Fran!
These happy looking chaps along with another 4 units earned me 188 points in the Challenge. They're based up for the rules Warfare in the Age of Discovery.

Campbell's of Glenorchy

 Clan MacKenzie

Thursday 24 January 2013

Wigmore Warriors at Salute 2013 - The Battle of Flodden.

Last year I was contacted by John from Wigmore Warriors, Wargaming Group. He sent me some photos of his growing collection of figures that he's painting up for the Battle of Flodden, he has used some of the Flodden flags that I previously posted, which I'm very pleased about! Its great to see someone else using them apart from me.

John went on to say

" The Wigmore Warriors will be staging the Battle of Flodden 1513, probably we wont be the only ones as its the 500th anniversary of the Battle this year. We are a small group of friends and like minded wargamers spread from Luton to Essex who have been putting on games at Salute for twelve years.  Flodden is my baby, a guy from the battlefields trust planted the idea two years ago and your flags and a copy of Barrs book prompted me to get it going.  All the units will be represented. The figures are a mix of old Glory, Dixon and Redoubt Enterprises.  Figure scale is 1:100.
As for rules, I am not sure what we will use yet.  I have in mind Peter Pigs Bloody Barons or Lance and Longbows Polaxed."

So if your at Salute on the 20th April this year, go check them out, by the look of the figures it should be a great game.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

RP No 114 Jacobite MacGillicuddy's foot regt

The twelfth and  last of my Irish Jacobite foot regiments (for now, he says??) For the Battle of the Boyne and for Aughrim. I wasn't quite sure what regt to paint up for my last foot regt, so I made up several different flags for different regiments but finally chose MacGillicuddy's foot, for no particular reason other than the great sounding name. I've not seen any other wargamer paint this unit up, so thought it would be a good addition the my army.
As per usual trying to find any info on the unit proved very difficult, but their Commander Denis MacGillicuddy was killed during  the Battle of Aughrim in 1691.

MacGillicuddy's were entered into the Analouge Painting Challange and earned me 40 points, I'm currently in  10th place, although my highest position so far was 7th. There are still 56 days to go in the Challenge but I'm gonna struggle making the top 10 let alone the planned top 5. Oh well?

Tuesday 15 January 2013

RP No113 Killiecrankie Scots

My second entry into Curt's Analouge Painting Challenge and earning me 178 points are the 6 Scots Jacobite units that fought and won the Battle of Killiecrankie on the 27th July 1689.
Now I swore to myself that I wouldn't and shouldn't diverse off again from my original English/Dutch army of Flanders. I already did adding the Irish Jacobites and more allied units that fought there, now I've put my foot it it and bought and painted these buggers!!! Of course this means I've got to paint the other few units that fought for Viscount Dundee in the Battle, but the question is,  do I now paint up the English/Scots that fought on the losing side? or do I just use units that are already painted, now these won't have the right flags or uniforms and will leave me with a bad taste in my mouth...............what the hell am I going on about of course I'll paint the bloody things up!!!!!!

The figures are from Essex, the bases are from Warbases and the flags are by me!. Now I swore I ordered enough figures for each regt to have 15 figures, as per the rule for warband troops in Beneath the Lily Banners, but I ended up short??? So some of the regt have fewer figures which isn't to bad as the McLeans and the mixed clan unit were quite small, so they ended up with only 12 figures but will count as 15 during a game.
BUT, yesterday I found the missing figures, that I didn't even know were missing, in a box all painted up shiny and new! So it's decision time, do I leave them in the box or get my knife out and base them on the units????? I really wish I was a little more organized..............


McDonald of ClanRanald             

McDonald of Glengarry, who also carried the Scottish standard

Locheil's Cameron's

A mixed unit made up of Clans Grant, Chisholm, Fraser and Graham.
The flag is that of the Grants.

McDonald's of Sleat