Thursday, 10 January 2013

WIP in 2012 A Review

The first painted unit of 2012

2012 was a very busy but successful year on the painting table for me, I managed to knock the guts out of my Nine Years War project and only have a few bits and bobs left to paint. Truthfully I don't really need anymore, but I must have got a little excited with my last Essex order so I may as well paint them up. I can't believe I'm actually going to finish a project. I've never managed that before.
In May I finished the last of Posties massive Russo-Japanese project and they've not seen the light of day yet!
Fast forward to November myself and Postie started up Battleaxe painting service, we've so far had 2 smallish commissions and are still waiting for a big one!
Anyway I'm quite pleased with the final numbers that were painted which are
    2012                          2011
15mm - 2351             15mm - 1546
20mm -    40              20mm -   119
25mm -    41              25mm -     24
Buildings -14

So as you can see I've far out-down last years totals
I'm not sure what 2013 holds for me, as myself and Fran will be losing our jobs pretty soon, so the painting will be hit hard, as we both re-join the real world!! boo bloody hoo!


Schomburg and Schomburg x 6 - Link
Caillmotte and Ellenburg x  5 - Link
John Coy's Horse x 12 - Link
1st troop of Horse Grenadiers x 6 - Link
Sir John Lanier's Horse x 12 - Link
de la Meloniere Huguenot foot regt x 21 - Link
Du Cambon Huguenot foot regt x 21 - Link
La Caillmotte Huguenot foot regt x 21 - Link
Fitzharding's Dragoons Horse holders x 6 - Link
Earl of Bath's x 21 - Link
Sir John Hanmar's x 21 - Link
St John's x 21 - Link
Danish Foot Guard x 18 - Link
Garde du Corps Horse x 12 -Link
Brandenburg Foot x 21 - Link
Nassau Saarbruken foot x 21 - Link
King James' Lifeguard  2 Squadrons x 12 - Link
Earl of Tyrconnel's Horse x 12 - Link
Sutherland's Horse x 12 - Link
James II, Tyconnel & Lauzan x 10 - Link
Sheldon, Hamilton and Sarsfield x 4 - Link
Dorrington, Boissleau and Berwick x 4 - Link
Lord Clare's Dragoons x 12 plus 12 dismounted - Link
Lord Dongan's Dragoons x 12 plus 10 dismounted - Link
Boisseleau's Foot 1st and 2nd Battalion - Link
Earl of Clanricarde's Foot x 18 - Link
Earl of Antrim's Foot x 18 - Link
King James' Foot Guards x 42 - Link
Lord Bellew's Foot x 18 - Link
The Lord Grand Prior's Foot x 18 - Link
Maurice Eustace's foot x 18 - Link
Lord Louth's foot x 21 - Link
Irish Raperees x 24 - Link
Jacobite artillery and crew x 19 - Link
They all add up to a mighty 683 NYW figures, I must be keeping Essex Miniatures in Teabags!

French casualties x 15 - Link
British Work party x 14 - Link
English Wagons and Caissons x 10 - Link
English Artillery and Limbers x 16 - Link
French Artillery and Limbers x 11 - Link
Civilians x 58 Link
Quebec Militia x 20 Link
Indians x 30 - Link
Indians x 48 Link
Corps de Cavalrie x 10 - Link
Dismounted Corps de Cavalrie x 10 - Link
English Generals x 6 - Link
Royal Artillerymen x 16 - Link
Woodland Indian Villagers x 32 - Link
60th Royal American Foot x 36 - Link
The FIW was again put on the back-burner, with only 446 figures painted, but still a great number.

15mm Generals x 3 - Link
6 Generals painted up for Battleaxe Painting service

Russo-Japanese War
2nd Japanese Cavalry regt x 12 - Link
3rd Japanese Cavalry regt x 12 - Link
1st Japanese Cavalry regt x 12 - Link
4th Japanese Cavalry regt x 12  - Link
12th Japanese Cavalry regt x 12 - Link
Guards Cavalry regt x 12 - Link
6th Infantry 3 Battalions x 48 - Link
33rd Infantry 3 Battalions x 48 - Link
1st East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - Link
2nd East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
3rd East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
4th East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
33rd East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
34th East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
35th East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
36th East Siberian Rifle regt  3 Battalions x 48 - "
Russian Machine Gun teams x 8 - Link
Japanese Artillery x 18 - Link
Japanese Machine Gun teams x 32 - Link
Japanese and Russian Generals x 89 - Link
Russian Artillery x 24 - Link
The last of Posties yet to be used Russo-Japanese figures, I'm not quite sure how I managed to paint 1087 of these in the first 5 months of the year! I know Curt's painting Challenge pushed me a long here!!

ACW casualty marker x 64 - Link
More of Posties figures for his ACW collection, 64 figures.

Zombies x 20 - Link
Survivors x 11 - Link
Stargate SG1 x 24 - Link
Stargate Anubis Guard x 36 - Link
Zombie Survivors x 11 for Battleaxe - Not posted yet.
25mm Angel Gang - Not posted yet
Not really my thing, all of the above were painted to sell for Battleaxe.  107 figures

Fran's figs
20mm Russian Partizans x 40 - Link
Franonian Buildings x 14
15mm Zombie Horde x 21 - Link
15mm Hostages & Prisoners x 10 - Link
15mm Alien crew x 6 - Link
15mm Taliban x 28 - Link
I did a bit of painting for Fran this year 105 figures and 14 buildings.

Fran the Angry Bear - Link
Curt the Viking - Link
Botocudo Warriors x 5 - Link
Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp with Doc Holiday x 4 - Link
Viking Warlords x 2 - Link
NYW Generals x 2- Link
95th Rifles x 24 - Link
Only 41 figures this year, I think, infact I know there will be more this year!

Zulu Warriors x 4
24th Foot x 4 - Link
Well I don't plan on anymore 54mm figures but 8 is ok with me!

The last painted unit of 2012


  1. That is a scary amount of figures painted.
    Sorry you have to enter the real world. Believe me, it's not as fun.

  2. Wow, I'm truly impressed with your output and very sad to hear about the misfortune hanging above both your heads... If I had any money to spare I'd support you by letting you paint something up but alas, t'is not so :-(

    But: Nil Desperandum!

  3. VERY impresive total of figures. Yes the real world does have erhm.... shall we say challenges, but I am sure you are up to them.

  4. Well done that man, that's a seriously impressive number of figures to paint up in single year! Good luck in the real world.

  5. Impressive Ray, especially when we know that the painting is beautiful!

  6. You need a clapping .gif smiley. Well done, Ray.

  7. Wow....I mean...WOW! What a phenomenal achievement in painting terms. I'd have been happy to do just the 20mm and 25mm figures you managed! Great work, Ray!

  8. The amount of painted figures is fabulous!

    Sorry to hear that Fran and you losing your jobs. Thumbsup that both of you find soon a new job!


  9. I have never tracked the amount of figures painted in a year until this one, but I am 100% sure it's a hell of a lot less than you have!!!


  10. Just curious but...where on earth do you store 2,351 minis (even if they are 15mm size)???

  11. Wow ... just wow. That's a mighty impressive output for sure!

  12. That is impressive Ray. I'm so very sorry that you and Fran will be without work soon. We are going on two years with no income in February and it's a difficult thing indeed. You are both in my prayers.

  13. Git!! Your production values just put me to shame.......

  14. Shocking! It was exhausting just reading the tally. Seriously, very, very impressive stats and the end product is always first class too. Looking forward to great things in 2013 again. Warm regards, Dean

  15. That is a truly impressive output sir. Well done!

  16. An impressive amount of painted figures, Ray; a great work!!!

  17. Just amazing Ray, 2012 was certainly a stellar year for you.

  18. Ray the machine! You're quick, that's for sure! Excellent mate, simply excellent! :)

  19. Stunning painting record Ray !

    Sorry about the work situation, I realy hope it sort out for both you and Fran !

    Best regards Michael

  20. You're going to get tendonitis if you keep it up! Seriously, that is jaw dropping production.

    Ooo, the job part sucks. I hope that resolves quickly for your both.

  21. Impressive figure count Ray, I hope both you and Fran find work in the coming months.

  22. That's an impressive list Ray. Well done! Sorry to hear about your jobs. Be sure to tell your prospective employers y'all come as a package deal. Although one may have to claim the other as a side-kick.

    1. He's the sidekick of course, although he'll disagree and then it'll start a row and he won't make the tea anymore until.........need I go on?

  23. That's one extremely impressive tally Ray! Good luck on finding new jobs.


  24. Ray, you are a super prolific painter! Good luck on the job hunt!

  25. I am so sorry to read that you guys won't have a job. I hope you guys find one that you can work together. As for the painting, super duper impressive.

    1. I don't wanna work with the loser again Whisk!!!

  26. Those numbers are truly staggering. It's amazing how much you've gotten done.

    Sorry to hear about the job though -- hope you guys find something quickly.

  27. People don't want to be bored with this, they're only being polite!

  28. That is a very impressive list of your output Ray!

  29. Jeez, I think I've done well if I get into treble figures! That's super cereally impressive mate.
    Best of luck to the both of you with the job search.

    All the best,


  30. You're making me look bad! Impressive list there. Well done.

  31. "Only 446" Holy moly! You are a painting machine and you are great at it too! I'm so sorry to hear about things on the job front and I hope everything works out.

  32. Impressive. Good luck with everything this year Ray!

  33. You and Fran hang in there Ray, such talent wont go unrecognised for long. All the best and I have everything than can be crossed crossed for you guys.

  34. Sorry to hear about you and Fran on the work front. One door closes and another opens, maybe this will be the push to get your Battle Axe painting service into full throttle.

    1. You never know Pat, fingers crossed and all that!

  35. Make the most out of the real world, I'm sure you'll still find plenty of time to paint! :)

  36. Geez that is petty shitty about the job mate but your painting talents rule.

  37. Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the job, hopefully you will soon be back on it!
    great work rate for last year!

  38. Ray - you've painted 10 times more figures last year than I've painted in a lifetime! And they're fantastically done too. Good luck with the job hunting - with your ability to focus and productivity levels you should find something no problem! Cheers WW.

  39. HOW MANY! Ray, you're a painting machine. You've painted twice as many miniatures in the last year as I have and I do it for a living!

    1. Just went back and read the rest of that post. Very sorry to hear about the job situation. I'm gutted on your behalf, frankly. However, being unemployed was the kick-start to me doing what I do. Send me an email if you want to chat and put our heads together. Maybe some of my experiences can help kick-start things for you and Postie?

    2. Come to think of it, with the number of hits you get on this web-site you should have folks banging down the door. Let me have a think about how you can use the traffic to attract more paying customers to your door.

      First up, I would consider changing the name of the blog on the banner to Battle Axe painting services (or create a new blog for the painting studio entirely and ask all your current fans to go over and become followers). Also, tag each of your posts with Battle Axe Painting Service, Miniature Painting Service and Painting Service. Put a caption on each of your photos that you publish as well (as you already do) but consider adding "by Battle Axe painting Service". You'd be surprised how many folks come to me because they did a search for a particular uniform or colour scheme and saw a picture of my work. I don't add "Lead Legion" to the caption purely because anytime they click on the picture my website appears in the background, making it pretty obvious what I do. Don't roll a one isn't a dedicated painting service site though, so people who click on your photographs might miss the Battle Axe Painting service sign even if they are actually looking for a painting service.

      Also, advertise on forums. If you belong to any, add the Battle Axe Painting Service logo to the bottom of your signature so that it appears under every post you make. If you don't belong to any gaming forums, get yourself signed up.

      That's all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment, but I'll email you if I think of anything else.

    3. Also, pricing is important. There's a formula I used to work out what I charged for each size of mini. Work out how many of each scale you can paint in a single day. Work out how much you would like to make at a minimum for a days work. Double this figure (you have to assume there will be weeks or even months when business is slow). Then, divide this doubled figure by the number of miniatures of a given scale you paint in a day. This is how much you charge per figure.

      Now, go and look at other painting services who paint miniatures to the same standard you do, and look at what they charge. If you're competitive, great. If not, you have to change the standard to which you paint a typical miniature (whether more or less detailed)and then perform the calculation again until you come to a rate and standard of painting that makes you competitive.

      HOWEVER, the fact that you can paint so quickly is a great selling point. In fact, it's my major selling point (when I'm not ill that is). Basically, my shtick is I can normally paint, varnish and return a typical army in the post within two weeks. It's my main advantage over cheaper competitors in Malaysia or Hong Kong and the like. You, Ray, paint like a fekking hamster on speed! So you and Postie should emphasise this point as well in your marketing.

      And it just occurs to me that I should be emailing you all this stuff, since I have your email address, but maybe it will help out other folks as well.

  40. Wait, you guys already have a web-site. How they hell did I miss that?

    1. Some good ideas Brian, we'll have to have a chat when you move down to Kent.

  41. Well its pretty obvious that you guys are retired or dont sleep...which is it????

  42. The results blew my mind ... 2500 figures for one year ...
    Congratulations, Ray!


  43. Did I read those total numbers correctly? 2351 15mm!!! Astounding-and your work is excellent, you must have the devotion of a Tibetan master! I look forward to watching your blog in 2013, good luck!