Friday 31 May 2013

Bloggers For Charity, Exiles Giveaway & Stuff!

Over a week without a post, why? The kids have been off all week driving me mad!!!

Just a quick post, I'm sure by now most, if not all of you are already aware of the Bloggers For Charity event that James, Andrew, Kev and Mike are running, they're putting on a FIW Demo game "La Belle Famille" at Triples next year to raise money for two Charities, Men Matters & Help the Heroes.
They looking for volunteers to paint some figures or help out in anyway they can. So check out the link above and join their blog. I'm hoping to get involved myself, painting up some figures and fingers crossed making it up to Triples for the game itself.

And now its Pimping time!!
James (yes the James above), has a great givaway on his blog Exiles Wargames Painter at the moment to celebrate his blogs 3rd Birthday, so go sign up and win some goodies!!!!

Also Mike over at Trouble atT'Mill, is having a Giveaway too, due to my recent blog absence I missed the first 4 posts but have just spied No5, so get over and sign up for a chance to win.

And lastly, I seem to have won another two, yes two! blog givaway prizes he he!!!

Firstly from Seb's Giveaway 12 gendarmes, and 48 foot figures from Venexia. Cheers Seb!!
And from Kris' Giveaway,  a WWII book Polar Bears; Monty's Left Flank by Patrick Delaforce, Cheers Kris!!!

Now the plan is, to win a prize on James' Giveaway as well!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Finally a few pics that I found of Facebook a week or two ago, well? they made me laugh???

Thursday 23 May 2013

This is the End, the Bromance is over!

Well that's it.......
Its Fran and my last shift at work tonight.......
They've finally pulled the plug and closed us down for good........
 So, as of tomorrow we're both unemployed.......


So we're both on the job hunt now, as well as the other 6 chaps here
hopefully we'll find something quickly??
This may in turn affect our blogs, I for certain won't be painting as much
and probably blogging much either, but I'll try and drop in as and when I can.

RIP Ray Mazarek

Wednesday 22 May 2013

RP No 138 NYW Tiffin's foot regt

Zachariah Tiffin was commissioned by William III to raise the regiment on 20th June 1689 for the defence of the town of Enniskillen Co Fermanagh, from the Catholic army of James II. Recruiting was not difficult because independent companies already existed in the area. These amalgamated and formed the corps of the regt. In July 1690 Tiffin's regiment fought at the Boyne and In 1691 the regiment was at the Battle of Aughrim. In early 1695 the regiment  was in West Flanders and were present at the Siege of Namur.
The Tiffin regiment survived the 1699 disbanding’s by being on the Irish establishment. On 1 July 1702 the Tiffin regiment was in the Leeward Islands. On 29 August 1702 Thomas Whetham succeeded Zachary Tiffin as colonel of the regiment.

As per usual the figures are from Essex, bases from Warbases and the flags are pure conjecture and made by me.

Also Tamsin is still at it giving away more free stuff, in her final 5th prize, she's giving away a box of Warlord Spartans, so get over there quick and sign up, you never know your luck.
Also Kris has a blog givaway as well, get over to his blog Wargames & Railroads he's giving away 12 prizes!!, ranging from  Ho scale boxcars to books and Fantasy figures, so once again get on over and sign up

Sunday 19 May 2013

Guess who's 50 today??

Today is the 50th birthday of the Rejects Head Supremo and Fuhrer, Postie. I thought he'd really appreciate me posting this info...he he he!

Meanwhile Tamsin's still at it, giving away so many great things in her Day 3, she's giving away a box of Warlord plastic ECW figures and in her latest Day 4 she's giving away some weird and wonderful looking figures from Reaper's Bones line. So get your butts over there and sign up for a prize.

And once again talking of prizes, I received one of the many I seem to have won recently ( mad laugh!!!)

I entered into Burkhard's giveaway over on his blog dhc wargames blog
and won this fine looking book.
Fran's spitting feather!!! he he he!

Friday 17 May 2013

La-Bibbida-Bibba-Dum & other stuff!

 If your a Walking Dead fan you should enjoy this!!! Its quite funny and extremely silly. Right up my street!
I can't remember where I found this? I'm sure it was linked from another blog??? Just remember


I'm sure most, if not all of you have either read or heard about  Tamsin's massive and mad blog giveaway.  Tamsin's having 5 givaway's to celebrate her blog reaching 100k visits.
Day 1's prize is a box of 28mm plastic WWII Late War Brits from Warlord Games
Day 2's prize is either £21 worth of GZG figures or a £25 gift voucher for Baccus 6mm figures!!!!!
God knows what she'll be giving away over the next tree days!!!!!
So get your butts over to her sight and sign up, or don'rt and give me a better chance of winning!!!!

Talking of winning???

I've only gone and won a prize in Seb's latest Giveaway, his blog Back to the Minis 
is celebrating its 2nd birthday
I won some unpainted Venexia figures
These will go well with my collection of unpainted Venexia figures!

Thursday 16 May 2013

RP No 137 NYW Danish Sehested's Horse

Jens Maltesen Sehested was born in Stravanger in 1649. He was the Colonel of one of the three Danish Horse units present at the battle of the Boyne and led them later in Flanders. A report of the commanding General in  Norway in approx 1710 describes him as " a harmless old fellow who can, when necessary take charge of a squadron, but no more" Nevertheless he served with distinction against the Swedes in 1716. He died with the rank of Lieutenant-General in 1730.
An Allied camp roster from July 1696 shows the Danish Cavalry regt von See (earlier Sehested's) shows the coat and facing colour of unit white lined blue. I decided on a light grey coat lined blue. The flags were inspired by Clarence and Barry's Warfare flags. There has been a lot of chat on the League of Augsberg forum as to if the Danish Horse wore a breastplate. Its been agreed by the experts that they most probably did. I've used Cuirassier's as the command for these units, while the men are just the normal Essex figures.
At the recent re-enactment of the Boyne, they didn't make it into contact, stopping in the middle ofthe river unable or was it unwilling to cross????

Monday 13 May 2013

The Boyne at Broadside 2013

The Rejects got together yesterday for what will be our one and only practice game of The Battle of the Boyne, for our demo game at Broadside on June 9th. I did want to try and run at least one more game but work, kids, work and general life have all got in the way, (you know what its like?)
The game worked really well, I tried to make it as historical as possible but the dice gods and the Rejects soon changed all of that!!! The Dutch Guard seen above eventually managed to take the village of Oldbridge, but at a huge loss, the Duke of Schomberg was also killed. But that's as far as the history went. The Williamites were way to cautious, which led in the end to a fighting victorious retreat for King James and the Jacobite's. Fran was very pleased!!!!
Look out for Fran's post and Lee's already posted on the game.
I must admit I'm very pleased at how the village of Oldbridge turned out, I wasn't really sure how to make it look like an old 17th century Irish village, but I think it turned out rather well ( blowing my own very large trumpet ....of course!!)

So if you'd like to see a little more of the game, come and find us at Broadside on the 9th, if you can't make it to Sittingbourne then look out for all the pics a couple of days after the 9th.

Friday 10 May 2013

RP 136 More Vikings and a gift for me!!!

The last of my Viking stands for Saga or whatever you want. Once again they're all Gripping Beast plastic figures with my banners attached, you can find all the banners and some others here.
Get your butts over to Seb's Back to the Minis, he got more giveaways  todays is No 6, some painted Dark age figures, 2 packs of Old Glory ECW/30YW or several packs from Venexia's Renaissance range!!! I'm not sure what's going on?? Seb's either gone completely round the twist or he's under orders from the mrs to get rid of some figures, or he's not allowed anymore!!!
Also I've got to say thanks to Andrew form Loki's Great Hall as I won 1st prize in his givaway. I've not yet sent him any figures, as I'm not 100% sure what delights I can send him and also as Fran won as well, we're gonna send all our figures together. Cheers Loki and we'll be in touch!
Lastly prompted by Clint's post today, I also received a parcel in the post from the Gentleman and Scholar better known as Dave Crook, the owner of A Wargaming Odyssey. In this said parcel was a tiny red book, Marmion, A Tale of Flodden Field, by Sir Walter Scott 1890. Dave had been looking at my Flodden figures and thought I'd enjoy the book. And how right was he!!!. The only condition was when the Rejects actually get to play a Flodden game I have to read some of the poem to them. So thanks go to Dave and here's a few lines from the poem.

                                                638  With kindling brow Lord Marmion said,--
                                                639  "This instant be our band array'd;
                                                640  The river must be quickly cross'd,
                                                641  That we may join Lord Surrey's host.
                                                642  If fight King James,--as well I trust,
                                                643  That fight he will, and fight he must,--
                                                644  The Lady Clare behind our lines
                                                645  Shall tarry, while the battle joins."

Monday 6 May 2013

RP No 135 25mm GB Viking Command, Blog Givaway's & A New Range!

Bloody hell that's some title!!!!!
Anyway firstly, more of my plastic Gripping Beast command stands. I like the first one the best, I've always liked this flag, perhaps because it reminds me of bacon???

Seb over at Back to the Minis is having a massive blog giveaway this week, he's already announced two lots of prizes, so get on over to his blog and sign up for some free goodies. Here Seb 1 and here Seb 2.
The second blog givaway is over on Burkhard's blog, dhcwargamesblog. Burkhard's also celebrating a blog birthday and other blog milestones as well. Check out his blog, you may win yourself a book. I'm after the 1815 Waterloo book....fingers crossed!!!!

Lastly fellow blogger Mark, better known as The Wilde Goose, is releasing a new range of figures over on his new blog Orinoco Miniatures. He showed me a few pics when we met up at Salute in April and now they're up on his site. He's releasing figures for Wars of the South American Liberation, his first release will be the British Legion, followed by Spanish Regulars and Gran Columbian/Patriot Infantry. Check out the figures, they're very nice!!!