Friday, 31 May 2013

Bloggers For Charity, Exiles Giveaway & Stuff!

Over a week without a post, why? The kids have been off all week driving me mad!!!

Just a quick post, I'm sure by now most, if not all of you are already aware of the Bloggers For Charity event that James, Andrew, Kev and Mike are running, they're putting on a FIW Demo game "La Belle Famille" at Triples next year to raise money for two Charities, Men Matters & Help the Heroes.
They looking for volunteers to paint some figures or help out in anyway they can. So check out the link above and join their blog. I'm hoping to get involved myself, painting up some figures and fingers crossed making it up to Triples for the game itself.

And now its Pimping time!!
James (yes the James above), has a great givaway on his blog Exiles Wargames Painter at the moment to celebrate his blogs 3rd Birthday, so go sign up and win some goodies!!!!

Also Mike over at Trouble atT'Mill, is having a Giveaway too, due to my recent blog absence I missed the first 4 posts but have just spied No5, so get over and sign up for a chance to win.

And lastly, I seem to have won another two, yes two! blog givaway prizes he he!!!

Firstly from Seb's Giveaway 12 gendarmes, and 48 foot figures from Venexia. Cheers Seb!!
And from Kris' Giveaway,  a WWII book Polar Bears; Monty's Left Flank by Patrick Delaforce, Cheers Kris!!!

Now the plan is, to win a prize on James' Giveaway as well!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Finally a few pics that I found of Facebook a week or two ago, well? they made me laugh???


  1. And soon a whole entire summer with no school.

    Congrats on two wins. Very cool.

  2. Two wins?!? There's something extremely dodgy going on here. Unfortunately you won't get anything from the Exiles' give away cos I've got it bagged!

    You'll never make it to Sheffield without a visa . . . .


  3. Congratulations on the wins!
    I mentioned Bloggers for Charity on Wednesday. Hope they raise a lot of money.
    And that poor polar bear!

  4. Cheers for pimp'in my giveaway, you have my address for the bride yes :)
    Peace James

  5. Congrats on the two wins Ray!

  6. Congratulations Ray and enjoy that quality holiday family time.

  7. It is odd isn't it, the more time you have on your hands the less time you have to do the things you want! Love that last cartoon.

  8. Thanks for the Charity blog shout Ray. Good to see another fellow having a harrowing week with the kids.

  9. Ahh, quality time with the kids it's great isn't it...
    ...when they go back to school.

    Still, the summer hols aren't that far off now.