Tuesday 24 June 2014

Broadside 2014 - The Battle of Shaho

I thought it was about time I got the Posties Rejects game the Battle of Shaho up on the blog?? This new job is seriously taking up all my time....Goddammit!!!
We did plan on doing a Skirmish game for Broadside but Postie kept going on about the Russo-Japanese War and he had a secret plan?? The secret plan (the balloon) remained a secret until the day before for me and on the day for the rest of the Rejects. I've already said it but I'll say it again. The Balloon was a real winner and helped us to win the Best at Show prize.
I't was rather warm in the centre as Fran mentioned here, on his post about the game
Anyway on with the game........

We picked the sides randomly, Me and Surj were the Russians and Fran and Lee were the Japanese.
Now here's the bone of contention.....Don't believ them lying Gits Fran and Lee, all along the plan for the game was to PLAY it, as and when we could throughout the day. It was his Nibs Posties idea to play the game like we would in the shed, Its not my fault that Fran and Lee are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee!!

A close up of the base of the balloon, for extra strength Postie melted down some old figures and caste a base, the figures were once all holding flagpoles and guns.

The Balloon itself was made from a polystyrene ball, the basket was simply made out of card, but the most delicate and cleverest thing for me was the stringwork...Nice one Postie

Simple plan for me and Surg....try and not get blown to pieces from the masses of Russian artillery opposite us. We deployed our artillery behind the hill, as we had the balloon, we would only incur a minus 1 firing indirectly.

For some strange reason the Japanese moved forward instead of deploying, this bought it immediately in range of some of our infantry???

We're gonna wait here behind the hill until we really have to move.......

Two units of Russian Cossacks.....not the best troops you'd hope for in battle??

People were getting confused, who were the troops in white??

Fran was obviously doing something wrong

Fran....what a happy chappie!!!

We advanced up the hill and went prone.

The Cossacks advance........

Fran - "Dis is my soldier"...Lee - "And dis is my widdle soldier"

An ariel view....with added charging artillery???


Oops, Bang goes their artillery.

The Japanese advance, you should have heard the moaning....

Another balloon pic

The village of Shaho, all hand made by Postie apart from the building itself.
Surj moved our only machine gun around the flank to give fire,


In typical Cossack style after taking a few casualties and promptly failing their morale, one unit buggerd off!!

Plugging the Thin White Line


The Japanese were taking a pounding, they'd nearly lost all their artillery, so we pounded 
their Infantry instead

The Japs were getting miffed at this point???

But they continued their attack, their numbers were thinning quite dramatically!!

Postie made the Prone markers

Close ups of the balloon!

We were about to fire our infantry, when we decided to take a short break
But the throws never came as the two Tweedles decided not to play on
the rattles were well and truly thrown out of the prams!!

So that was it, they tried to claim a tactical draw, what a load of old cobblers!

Get in there!!!!

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Broadside 2014 - The Games Part 1

The Rejects made it safe and sound to Broadside to play and display Posties, Russo-Japanese figures. He worked out a fictional game named The Battle of Shaho. The poor lad worked damned hard to get the game ready, also adding loads of extra's, the scratch built Observation Balloon, telegraph poles, village, fields, roads and even the frame that held the boards together. all that hard work paid off as the Rejects won "Best game at the Show"
I've got to admit we were all very surprised and very pleased! I'll post a few more pics of our game in another post.

Posties ridiculously excellent balloon stole the show!

The lads setting up the game, very quickly out came the drinks, God it was hot in there!!

Fran denied farting, but we all knew it was him! 

Fran was at it again, so Postie punished him by digging his long girlie nails in his shoulder...

Herne Bay Wargamers - Albuera 1811

Skirmish, setting up their game

Rainham Wargames Club - The Taking of Akaba

Clint made all the buildings himself, 
and had the excellent idea of bringing a backdrop board, it certainly makes the pics look crackin'!!I did feel quite sick when Clint showed me all the poor camels stuffed together into a tiny box, Fran too a pic, I was too upset to???

Clint takes pics of his game.

Gravesend Wargames Club - Kandahr 2nd Afghan War
The Gravesend boys won the award for Best Painted figures at the Show!!

John, Paul, George & Ringo
From the Milton Hundred Club, the organizers of Broadside

Southend Wargames - Cowboys

Praise the Lord, they opened the Fire Exit doors to let some air in...

Skirmish Wargames - The Magnificent Seven

Somewhere in France 1944 - Shepway Wargames Club

Postie chatting to another Postie

Gamers Hub


Mayhem in the Mekong - Deal Wargames Society

Dr Who and the Dalaks - Friday Night Fire Fight

A PlayMobile wargame! From Gravesend Wargames Guild
Won the Award for Best use of Table Space!

SEEMS - ACW Naval Battle

Crossfire - WWII

WWI - Crush the Kaiser

Little Belgium - Medway Wargames Society

That's about it!
Part 2 to follow soon??