Sunday 17 August 2014

The Battle of Loki's Revenge - A FIW batrep

After the debarcle at The Battle of Old Man's Cabin,  Postie very quickly organized a second game. A French Indian War Skirmish. As you may have read in the last post Loki was down for a visit at Reject HQ and we thought we'd give him a chance to try and Not throw just 1's in a game!

Once again the sides were randomly drawn from the hat.
Above are my troops Col Howe's 55th Foot, Loki was on my right leading the 80th Gage's Light Foot,
on my left was Ian who led Rogers Rangers.
Opposite Ian was Rich leading an Indian warband, Dave was in the centre leading a unit of French/Canadian Militia and Fran was opposite Loki with some French Marines.

The game was simple, kill the enemy and if you can collect and take off board the booty laying randomly around the table. The green felt areas are actually open ground, everywhere else is wooded.

Dave and Fran decided to both go for Loki's 80th, which meant I had to split my force to both 
flanks and try and capture the booty.

The first shots of the battle, Loki is caught out in the open!!

On our left Ian's Rangers faced Richard's Indians, probably the best troops on the table 
(if they're in woods that is)

Ian and Richard in melee, the orange markers mean the figure is reloading

Dave sent some Militia over to attack my 55th, we were both dropping like flies!

The Marines move over the hill

A bit of double teaming as I help Ian out killing the Indians.

Things were getting a bit worrying for Loki, his troops were dropping fast.

Out numbered Loki fired but missed with every shot!!

So Fran charged....

Loki gets surrounded

on both sides....

 one of his last 3 figures is triple teamed and killed.

His remaining 2 figures join 2 of my men, who are just rejoining the battle after 
taking some booty offtable.......but the last 2 figures from the 80th withdrew from the field after 
failing their Morale check.

Fran was being rather gobby, so Postie gave him one of his usual nail in the head cuddles, I actually missed that but got a pic of Bad Boy Fran pushing poor Postie away???

It was getting late and the battle was so close, we didn't even know who was winning.
In a last desperate measure Dave charged his Militia Captain against my 55th Foot Colonel. Now all through the battle Dave's Halfbreed was on a stomping frenzy. 
Dave through his 2 D6 and threw an 8, which meant I need a double 6, so I threw and.........

The screams of joy and woe could be heard miles away
a double 6 it was, which meant I won the melee by 1, killing the Monster Halfbreed


Poor Dave did manage a smile, through gritted teeth though
So the win went to the English!!!
Loki couldn't believe he'd won the game and finished without any of his troops left on the table!!
Oh well a wins a win!!!

Finally at the end of the game, Postie presented Loki, with a figure as a memorial of the day
this also allows Loki to be an Honoury member of Posties Rejects!!

And here's a close up of the figure
A member of Monmouth's Rebel army for the Battle of Sedgemoor

Friday 8 August 2014

ACW Batrep - The Battle of Old Man's Cabin

Some of the Rejects got together for a game last Sunday, Postie put on a 6 man ACW game, one of the 6 was fellow Blogger Loki from Loki's Great Hall. We've been trying to arrange a game for Loki for nearly a year now, but what with my and Fran's shift patterns in was a nightmare.

Now I'm afraid unlike most of my batreps, this one's quite short??? The reasons for this you'll find out if you carry on reading??

The enemy
Rich, Ian and Fran
The Dirty Bluebellies

The Confederate set up
Dave at the bottom, me in the middle and Loki at the top

Believe it or not, there was a battle plan for us Confederates but..............

The centre of the field

The right....
Now here's where things started to go a little tits up!
Loki bangs on about his unlucky dice throwing ability, but us Rejects have Lee to compare the boast with.
But Loki could be the new Champion shit dice thrower!
In the pic above Fran charged down the road in column? A dodgy but quite legit move, Loki would have done the same if we had won the first move.

So it went down to melee, Fran threw a 9, Loki threw a......................1

Meanwhile on our left Dave and Richard squared up

I unlimbered my guns and changed into line, Ian did the same.

It was getting very messy on the right, Fran won the melee and charged again
8-1 to Fran....%$£!&^%!!!!

It was then Loki's time for revenge, he charged Fran's unit and guess what he threw in the melee
another bloody 1!!
He looked very pleased with himself...the tit!

Fran's hero unit sits looking pretty in a sea of shit Confederate units!

Fran's hero troops are finally pushed back, although If I remember correctly it was
 from a bad morale throw?

I talked Loki into charging the now depleted unit which was spent (red marker)
Guess what Loki threw in the melee? I'm not even going to type the bloody number!

After a few more bad move roles by us Confeckingerates I threw in the towel.
Ian managed to get 7 units setup in line in the centre while I was still poncing around, trying to set up
Loki was in a hell of a mess on the right. Dave still had a chance to at least to try and do the Union some harm, but in a mere 2 hours we'd basically had it. There was no chance on earth that we'd win the game.
Utter spanking complete!!!
So plan 2 was set in motion ( Sorry Postie!!)
Another game was set up..........

Prepare for the Battle of Loki's Revenge!!!