Monday 17 October 2022

The Other Partizan Loot


I didn't spend a great deal at Patizan?

Ponds from Warbases,as well as mdf bases, 2 packs of 18th century ship's crew from Col Bill

I thought I'd give Speedpaints a go?
and 2 pots of white primer.

Various boxes and crates from Coritani

Close up on the Ship's crew

Native canoe's and a chicken shed and kennel with a few barrels thrown in for good measure from Iron Gate Scenary.

Well worth the visit!

Friday 14 October 2022

The Other Partizan - Another Looong Post, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my, The Other Partizan report.
My favorite game of the day (I expect it was many other peoples fav too) was this thing of beauty!
So I thought I'd start here.

Boondock Sayntes - 28mm Venetians & French vs Ottomans 
 Candia 1669

Apparently it took several years to get this game running!
And I can see why.

Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society - 28mm Imjin War 
 Joseon Korea Strikes Back

The Iron Brigade - The Wrath of Odin
A Dark Age Saga

This was only a small table, but the Iron Brigade, sure packed a lot of beautifully painted figures, building and terrain in it.

  Westbury Wargamers - 28mm WW2 
 The Battle for Walcheren Island, October 1944

Huntingdon & District WGC - 28mm Wars of the Roses 
 Bosworth Field 1485 Revisited.

Sheffield & Rotherham Wargames Club -  15mm AK47 
 African Encounter

Sheffield & Rotherham Wargames Club - 3mm Chivalry & Honour 
 Battle of Grandson 1476

Oh yes!
I absolutely loved this game, yes small figures aren't everyone's cup o tea, but they are mine and the Rejects. The chap in charge, (sorry I forgot your name) explained that all the figures are 3D printed, I asked when's he gonna start selling them, he quickly changed the subject!

The Swiss pikeblocks were remarkably solid, so solid the chap picked up a stand and combed his hair with them!
I wants some!!!

The detail on the figures is amazing!

The woods looked familier??
It my bathroom mat cut up!

A very well done!

Too Fat Lardies - Holding Oosterbeek
WWII Chain of Command
An amazing setup
I'd love to have a game on this board.

Two random shots up and down the hall.
Anyone spot themselves?

Barnsley Association of Wargamers - 28mm Sharp Practice 
New Zealand Ohaewai Pa, New Zealand 1845

Like a Stonewall - 28mm Napoleonics 
 Hougoumont 18th June 1815

League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists - 28mm Indian Mutiny 
 Bhowelpore 1857

Not sure who#s game this was? - Infamy Infamy

Peterborough Wargames Club - 6mm WW2 
 Chef du Pont

RAW Gamers - Go Strong Into the Desert: The Mahdist Uprising in Sudan 1881-85

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare - 28mm Victorian Steampunk 
 In Her Majesties Name - The Q-Bomb

The Billhook Brothers - 28mm Medieval Billhooks Delux

Northamptonshire Battlefields Society - ECW
Battle of Middleton Cheney 1643

Here I met these two fine fellows Chris and Graham aka Capt Manwaring and Sgt Wilson!
We have a fellow friend in common, none other than wargame extraordinaire Jonathan Freitag from
Palouse Wargaming Journal, Jonathan also runs zoom games for their group!

Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum - 1/144th WW1 Aerial Combat Wings of Glory

The Bunker - 20mm Edwardain Sci-Fi 
 War of the Worlds Blitzkreig

Hornsea Contemptibles - 28mm Wars of the Roses

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - 28mm Victorian Fantasy In Her Majesties Name

The Scourers - 1/600th ACW Naval Dawn of Iron, 
The American Civil War at Sea

Peter Dennis - Ancients 10mm Paper soldiers 
 Late Republican Roman Strength and Honour

David Marks - 28mm Zombies 
 Zombie Glory

Letsexcape - 15mm WW2 
 Memoire 44

Blitzkrieg Miniatures - Ancient Battle Mighty Empires

RAF Wargames Association - 28mm Sci Fi Operation Newt Recovery

Charles Rowntree - 6mm Korean War 
 The Glosters Last Stand at River Imjin

KB Club - 144th Moderns

KB Club - 144th Science Fiction

Caseshot Publishing - 15mm Revolutionary Wars 
 The Guards Attack - Lincelles 18th August 1793

Wargames Workshop - 54mm WW2 One Hour Skirmish

So there you have it, The Other Partizan 2022.