Friday, 18 January 2019

AHPC9 WSS 25mm 22nd Foot Handayd's

Here's my entry into the AHPC9 for this week, lots of War of the Spanish Succession goodness!

I've been painting like a demon the last couple of weeks, 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.
And I've got this lot done, If only I could paint mine as quick all year round!!
Theses are once again for his nibs next door, von Postie, the evil one.
He has a Pirate collection that he bought from Reject Fran before he buggered off back to Ireland. Postie wanted some Government troops to add to the collection.
I chose the 22nd foot circa 1708 for him, as they were stationed in the West Indies at the time.

"On the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1701, the regiment was posted to Jamaica; this was a notoriously unhealthy location and Sir Henry Belasyse transferred his Colonelcy to William Selwyn. The regiment spent the next twelve years in the West Indies; soon after arrival in April 1702, Selwyn died and was replaced by Thomas Handasyad, both as Colonel and Governor of Jamaica. Thomas returned to England and was succeeded as Colonel by his son Roger Handasyd in 1712, a position he retained until 1730."

8 x Muskettmen

8 x Musketmen, 1 x Leader and 1 x Drummer

8 x Musketmen, 1 x General, 1 x Drummer, 1 x Standard bearer and handpainted St Georges flag.
Which was actually and old French flag painted over. I wanted to paint the cantons yellow,
but Postie wouldn't let me!!!

Another 8 x Musketmen

The rest of the 7  Officers, including the blue coated Guvvnor himself

The mounted Guvnor and his bodyguard

So all in all we have 43 foot and 3 mounted. Which should give me a total of 
245 points! I wasn't going to base these, Postie was going to do it himself, but after working out 
what I'd loose points wise I based them up for him for free!!! For Free!!!
My luvvly Minion, fellow Reject Lee gave me an extra 2 points for the flag, the 
generous soul that he is! Taking my total to 247 points, this leapt me up the chart to the
 dizzy heights of No 11.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

AHPC9 Donnybrook - Down on the Farm.......

Or Old McDonald had a farm.

For this entry from last week I painted up a few odds and sods that have been hanging around in the leadpile for far too long. 
Firstly One man and his dog, with 3 sheep......

The figures are from Redoubt and were a quick paint job. I've been experimenting
with different inks and washes. These were washed with an old recipe of Windsor & Newton Peat Brown writing ink, its an old Reject recipe that most of us still use. I think it needed watering down a little more, so its a tad heavy in places. I think the Army Painter dip works better to be honest.

The next 3 figures are from Redoubt Enterprise, I believe from their AWI range.
Again I used the W & N ink, I think it worked a little better on these figures?

They will of course go into the Donnybrook box of dispare, hopefully to be used one
day in a game!!

Lastly we have 2 Maids a milkin' and Daisy
also from Redoubt  Enterprises

There were 6 x 25mm figures = 30
1 x Dog = 2
3 x Sheep = 6
3 bails of straw = 3
1 x Cow = 5
Making a total of 46 points to add to my collection!
These and the figures from my last post pushed me up to my highest position so far this year no 2!
Although as I type I've gone down to no 26, with a grand total of 234 points.
Leaving me 966 points shy of my aim of 1200 points.
Things are going good!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

AHPC9 25mm Celtic Horse & 15mm Wagoneers

For my 2nd entry into the Challenge I painted up a few figures for the the evil one, Postie!!
Firstly we have 7 x 25mm Wargames Foundry Gaelic Horse for Posties Roman v Celt armies.

Postie did have decals that he wanted me to stick on, now me and decals just don't get on.
Its something to do with my sausage fingers and no patience....
SO I had to paint the shields as well, I'm quite happy with how they turned out, especially the blue and red one, third from the right.

I should have earned 70 points for these, but Postie based them, so I thought I'd loses a few points. But that rotter Lee took 10 points off!!!  So only 60 points were awarded.

And keeping to Ancients we have 12 x 15mm Essex figures
They're actually Essex minis Pack RO44 Roman artillerymen but Postie wants them
as wagonneers or extra artillrymen.

Gotta admit they were a doddle to paint you can see!

So 12 wagoneers should've got me 24 points, but once again I didn't base them, so Lee only
gave me 18 points! Tight git!
So all in all 78 points were added to my total. 

Thursday, 10 January 2019

AHPC 9 Reconnaissance Bonus Round - He went that way......

Its Bonus round time again, Curt seems to bamboozle me each year with his choices for
bonus rounds and this year is no different!
I always try and use figures I already have or I can use in any of the periods
I already own. Luckily I already had these figures in my unpainted pile.
The figures are from Redoubt Enterprises' Scout pack, with 1 addition, the chap with the white face.

 Obviously as they're a scout pack, the fellows would have been sent out to recon
the area or track their enemy, but they can always be used as normal warrior models and
will be added to my big box of Native American Indians for Donnybrook.

I really like these Redoubt figures, they're so full of life and character.
I tried out Army Painter Strong Tone on these.
Its a bloody godsend to be honest.
I shall be using this a lot more often from now on.

30 points for the figures 5 x 6
and 50 points for the bonus round bonus.
Grand total of 80 points!
If you'd like to vote for these fine looking fellows or another of the fab entries, you have 
until this Saturday. Just click the link here

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

AHPC9 Donnybrook - Boobs!

 Happy New Year everyone!!!
Welcome to my first post of 2019.

Its Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge time once again.
My first entry into this years Challenge and I'm off with a Bang!!

I tried to think of a better title for this post, but all I could come up with was Boobs? So apologies to all you ladies out there.

These luvvly ladies were undercoated for last years Challenge but never made it on the table. I wish I'd held off on them, I could have used them for the Sport Bonus round!!!

Naughty, naughty Raymond!!!!

These will of course be used sometime or another in a Donnybrook game, rescue the poor damsel in distress kinda thing, although some of them don't really look in distress at all?!?
Four are from GZG Gentleman's Collectibles range while the other two are from a forgotten

These ladies move me up to No 36 on the chart!