Friday, 5 February 2021

AHPC11 Donnybrook - Dutch Garde te Voet Grenadiers


The Guardroom: This chamber-challenge is to paint some donut-munching, soundly-sleeping, or professionally competent guards. Bonus points for painting things they might be guarding, as well. 

If Its Guards Curts asked for its the best Dutch regiment on the English establishment he gets!

The Guard te Voet

In Holland in 1573, a company of Foot Guards were raised. In 1599, a guard regiment, called His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot, or the Regiment Nassau, was created. A second guard regiment, the Regiment of Foot Guards, was raised in 1643, into which the Company of Foot Guards was incorporated. When Prince Willem III became Stadtholder, the Regiment of Foot Guards lost its guard status and became a line regiment; the Company of Foot Guards was transferred to a new guard regiment raised in 1672, named His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot. This regiment lost all its commanders in the battle of Seneffe (August 11, 1674); the commander of the Regiment Nassau, Major-general Van Solms, amalgated both regiments into one guard regiment, the Nassau Regiment becoming the 1st battalion, and His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot becoming the 2nd battalion

The regiment was renamed His Majesty's Guard Regiment of Foot in 1689. From 1688 to 1699 it served as William III of Orange's Guards regiment. Under King William III, the regiment served in England as his personal guard. During this time, it was also known as the "Blue Guards", because of the Nassau blue coats with yellow/orange cuffs and lining. After Willem III died in 1702, the regiment was renamed the Dutch Guards. The uniform became dark blue with poppy red lining and cuffs; white metal buttons on the coat, and white lace loops; waistcoat and breeches became white. This uniform was worn throughout the 18th century.

In 1699, William negotiated the second partition treaty (with France) in coordination with the Dutch Estates General and Betnick but left the English Parliament out of the loop. In revenge, they stopped funding his Dutch Guards, and he contemplated abdication:

"I am so angry (William to Heinsius) about what is happening in the House of Commons in the matter of the troops, that I can hardly concentrate my thoughts on anything else. I foresee that I shall have to come to extreme decisions and that I shall see you in Holland earlier than I had intended"

Yes its more Donnybrook, Woo Hoo, all from Essex Miniatures as well!

Onto the points 20 for the Guardroom bonus and 40 for 8 x 25mm figures for a total of.....

60 points!


  1. Love your Dutch guys, there are looks great! Groet! Wij zijn bereid!

  2. Excellent figures - worth the sixty points!

  3. The Chambers of Challenge looks like a high level Adventure !
    Love the history too - great stuff.

    Every time I see a Dutch regiment now, I am reminded of Dr Evil in Austin Powers 3 'how about no...ya Dutch Bestard!'
    ...mainly because the Jacobite player shouted this at me last time we played the Boyne :)

  4. A nice bit of history there and some goo toys too.

  5. Ray,
    I love it! Even though I don't participate in the painting challenge I love the Chambers of Challenge. Great Dutch Guard.


  6. Elegant uniforms and great paint job!

  7. Great work on a very smart-looking uniform Ray.

  8. Great looking unit, a very colourful on.e too and thanks for the brief history

  9. These look grand Ray. I always like the combination of blue and yellow.
    Regards, James

  10. great stuff Ray, very striking!


  11. Very nice work Ray - both Nick and I have the Dutch Footguards in our Beneath the Lilly Banners armies!