Friday, 9 April 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution - Rebel Artillery 30pts


From what I've read so far, its highly unlikely that the Rebel force had or used any artillery. Some of the Rebels/slaves were very well treated and were highly educated, so I thought that maybe they might have had a little artillery training form the French or Spanish forces on the island. So I thouht it would be a good idea to include 1 artillery piece in their army.

I'm not at all sure what make this gun is? I painted it a a dark red colour to represent a captured Spanish artillery piece, which means if I ever fancy getting some Spanish, I can always use this gun.

How to represent artillerymen for the Rebel Slaves? Was my first question.
All 4 figures are from Front Rank, the first is from their Napoleonic Civilian range. I did consider a head swap but chose to keep him as he is and have him as a Mulatto (a person of mixed racial race). The kneeling figure is from Front Rank's AWI range, with a Trent Miniatures head swap. The chap with the bucket is also from their AWI range, again I painted this figure up with a lighter skin tone as I wanted to keep his hat. The last figure is again from their AWI range with another head swap

Points are easy...
10 for the Gun
5 each for the men
30 pts!


  1. Wonderful stuff Ray, I am definitely pinching that idea.

  2. Great idea and looking model

  3. Great work Ray!
    Vive Toussaint...

  4. That looks great. And I like the forward planning so the gun can be used in a variety of forces. I don't always succeed in doing this, but it's a great way to make less go further.

  5. Ray, I think perhaps 20 points for the gun ..... the red looks great.

  6. Great looking cannon and crew, Ray. Love the red colored carriage and clever use of civilian figures.

    1. Cheers Dean, I did struggle to find the kind of figures I needed to be honest.

  7. Nice little group- waiting to cause mayhem!

  8. Another excellent addition to the Haitian project Ray.

  9. Even if the slaves never had artillery it's always good to have the option for a 'what if' scenario.
    good job on the carriage and figures too, they look the part.