Sunday, 4 April 2021

AHPC11 - Ottoman Champions Warfare Miniatures


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Donnybrook, Donnybrook, Donnybrook

This is my last post from my Warfare Miniatures Ottomans, using a set of rules tat you may have heard of before?

Ottoman Cavalry force

Unit of Elite Sipahis of the Porte - armoured, lance, pistols and shield - 3 models
Unit of Drilled Balkan Timariot Sipahis - armoured, lance, pistols - 6 models
Unit of Drilled Anatolian Sipahis - spear, bow - 6 models
Unit of Recruit Tribal cavalry - bows - 9 models

These were bought and sold as a three man unit of Elite Sipahis of the Porte, but as I previously painted up a unit of Dixon Sipahis of the Porte and Warfare will soon be realising more Sipahis. I' decided to use these 3 figures as Character figures instead.

The Ottoman Serasker (Supreme Commander)
Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha
Hero - D12

Abaza Sari Hüseyin Pasha, Beylerbeyi of Damascus

Standard Bearer
Hasim Adem Alpaslan

So my three mounted command figures will earn me 10 points each

Making a Grand total of 

30 points!


  1. Superbly done. You will have quite a colourful force of Ottomans now

  2. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter, Ray!

  3. Action figures! Nice.
    Happy Easter.

  4. Colorful and gorgeous figures Ray!

  5. Lovely looking figures Ray...

    All the best. Aly

  6. Ray,
    You’ve done a great job and I find me resolve weakening I think I need some Ottomans

  7. More lovely Ottomans, Ray. Your output and quality are most impressive!

  8. Great looking figures Ray. Yes, I have heard of Donnybrook....never actually seen anyone I know play a game of it though...lots of figure painting, not a lot of gaming! :)

  9. They look great, Ray! Super colourful 👍

  10. And those great Ottomans just keep coming!

  11. Very colourful and dynamic looking trio, great as characters too.

  12. Great work on those Ottomans Ray!