Monday, 17 October 2016

SELWG Swag, better late than never!

Can't believe its taken me over a week to get some pics taken of my SELWG Swag!!!
Tut Tut!
The above figure Col Bill's Moll Cutpurse was a gift from that very nice Fudge
 eater Sir Clint of Gillingham.
She's a healthy girl that Moll!
Cheers Clint!

A few packs of North Stars 1672 range.
A pack of French Dragoons, King Louis and how could I not resist D'Artagnan!

From Ainsty Castings - Artillery equipment &
Col Bill's new figures C17th Century Villagers.
So new they're not even on their website yet!!

Why oh why oh why??

More offshoots for Donnybrook!
Bacon's Rebellion and King William's War in America?!?!
Redoubt Indians

These were a must from Col Bill.
From Old Glory English Marines....sigh!

From Foundry....Lazy Luther Road Workers
technically for the SYW, but they'll do for me as NYW!

 Oh dear.....more Indians!!!
From Foundry

First thing I've bought from a Bring and Buy for a while.
Don't really need it, it just took my fancy??

 Last but not least. More 15mm Essex NYW figures!!!!

Yee haw!!!


  1. Circle your wagons Ray... looks like you're about to get over-run by Indians!

  2. I see you still have the addiction.

    1. I'm afraid so, now just to get the blighters painted???

  3. A most respectable pile of loot - will we see these painted during the Challenge?

    1. You read my mind... methinks we're getting ready.... :o)

    2. Hmmm? methinks that could be the plan too??? Injuns....nice and easy to paint?

  4. Cripes Ray!

    You must have cleaned them out! Good haul.

  5. Ray! Does the pile of 15mm NYW lead suggest that we will be seeing a return to your interesting project?

  6. What a cracking haul and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that utters those importal words, "why, or why?"

  7. I see you have purchased a Village Idiot. Are you Missing Fran?
    Enough lead at your current speed of painting to last you a decade.
    Crack on with it. WE need to see some painting.

  8. Nice looking loots, especialy Indians for me...

  9. "Col Bill's new figures C17th Century Villagers.
    So new they're not even on their website yet!!"

    I haven't had them up on TMP or anywhere yet, either.

    I believe the 'ink washed' examples have been done, but not photo'd, so as soon as I get the images various forums will receive adverts and Stu will update the webstore, too.

    Don't know who's painting the display examples though. Not me, though I do have some Belt Fed Girls that could be used if painted asap.

  10. That is a very good hunting party. Love the themes you could cover with all these mini. Hope to see them painted soon here.

    1. That's what's great about Donnybrook, all them small little wars, that you couldn't use before, now you can.

  11. Nice haul mate... Now, have you confessed to the wife yet or are they hidden next door?

  12. Great haul Ray! Enjoy the painting!


  13. Lovely stuff. Should keep you busy for a while. Moll looks like a handful!

  14. Getting ready for the Challenge, I see... ;o)

    1. Indeedy!! Haven't painted much since the last Challenge.

  15. You`ll soon have to get a much bigger house for your growing stash of this that and another.
    Splendid looking figures though,which sort of makes up for that time you came away after buying nothing! Take care BB