Monday, 10 October 2016

SELWG 2016 - The Pics

The Rejects made our annual pilgrimage to Crystal Place yesterday for SELWG 2016.
Its usually our last show of the year, I did fancy going to Warfare in Reading next 
month as well, but I don't think the wallet will allow it, after I spent a tad 
more than I expected at SELWG!
Oh well never mind!
I met up with loads of fellow Bloggers
Clint, Tamsin, Dave, Simon, Mike and Rodger? I think sorry but I can't
 remember your blog name?

 We got there just on time so didn't have a long wait to get in for too long

Shepway Wargamers - The Road to Konnigratz 
The Austrian-Prussian War 1866
The Shepway guys won Best Demo game.

Is that you?

The League of Gentlemen Alchemists - WWII Chain of Command

Maidstone & District - 2mm Arab-Israeli War
Best Scenery 

Is that you???

Crawley Wargames Club - Operation Overlord WWII

Essex Warriors - Appalachian Spring ACW 1863

North London Wargames Group - Moncontaur  1569

Peter Pig - Vietnam

SEEMS - Vikings

Essex Warriors - Peach Orchard ACW 1863

Simon Miller - The Battle of Raphia
To the Strongest
Simon gets my vote for Best Game at the Show
but he did win
Best Participation Game!

Who's that looking puzzled?

Look at all them Pikes!!

The man himself, trying to control the rabble!
Lee said they youngsters were getting very excited and carried away with the game!
They'd make great Rejects!!

Sorry guys, I don't know what club you were from? - WWII Bolt Action

Or is that you????

Crush the Kaiser - Mexican Revolution

Is that you??

Realtime Wargames - Condottieri 

The Bring and Buy.
I shoulda bought them Artizan Moors when I had the chance, dammit!

Help the Heroes

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Star Wars X-Wing

GLC Games Club - Witless Womba's Woe's
A Lion Rampant Viking

Reading & Newbury - Senlac Hill 1066

Could that be you?

Society of Ancients - The Battle of Ephesos I 498 BC

Dulwich Gamers - Very British Civil War

I spy with my little eye...
Oh its Clint!

South London Warlords - Dr Who
Well Dalaks anyway?
They won Best of Show


  1. looks like a good day out Ray -and the loot?

    1. I thought I'd post them separate, anymore photos on this post and I'd be shot!

  2. The Dr. Who setup is really cool.
    A lot to see and take in.
    Hey, maybe you will be able to make it to the next show.

  3. So many great photos, Ray! Appreciate the glimpse into your show.

  4. Thanks for the pics Ray! Raphia looks great, nothing like pikes and ellies to grab attention on a big table!

  5. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stunning photographs Ray, I really must try and get up to this one year.

  7. Nice pics Ray (that sounds like everyone) Ruined by the inclusion of me.

    Glad you had a good day a pleasure to meet all the Rejects again...(yes even Postie)

  8. Cool looking games going on there mate.
    That Chain of Command board looks mint! cheers

  9. Cool, glad to see these wonderful tables, and glad to see FPW-1866 played, as well as the Mexican revolution, rarely seen in France!

  10. "Is that you?"

    Even though I definitely wasn't there, I have had a look at the photos, and can categorically say. No, it isn't.

    Hope that helps :)

  11. Well you got one of me playing that Peter Pig vietnam game, surprised I didn't break your lens.

  12. Those are some great looking games!


  13. Those are some amazing looking games.

  14. some great photos...shame i could not make it

  15. Looms like a good day out. I missed it this year due to family 'stuff'. :(

  16. what a beautiful hike. Nice scenery, some awesome tables.
    I hope you come back with somme beautiful purchases.

    1. I did, Stephane, more on that in a later post.

  17. Great pictures mate...and that wasn't a worried look on my face...honest.

    I was a little surprised that my troops held their own in the centre. Every time my opponent launched an attack he failed to hit my troops but I was able to retaliate with a success. The only thing keeping the centre in stalemate was the quality of his troops which meant they kept rallying from disorder negating my success in melee.

    1. Luck of the dice eh? Or should I say cards!!

  18. Terrific eye-candy, Ray. What a great selection of photos. Thanks so much for taking them, and blogging them!

  19. Fantastic post Ray and so many wonderful photographs. The Battle of Raphia was my favourite as well as great to see the shot if Simon with the youngsters at the table. Always love to see young gamers playing historicals and TTS is perfect.

    1. It was a mouthwatering game to look at, and it was great to see the kids getting involved, Lee said they were having their own private battle, bet their Dads were having a nice and peaceful look around at the show.

  20. Great post Ray. Nice pic's as well.

  21. Great pics - thanks for sharing Ray!

  22. Lovely photos. I really must get myself over to the UK for one of these shows, to represent the Rejects Canada chapter.
    I especially love the elephants, though the howdah on the right in that piccie looks like a red and white teddy bear face with a gold moustache.

    1. Yes you do need to come over for a show and you may even be able to squeeze in a game at Reject HQ too!

  23. Awesome pics it looks a great show certainly has good lighting.

  24. Not entirely sure how we managed not to bump into one another this year - have you been honing your ninja skills? Nice pics BTW!

    1. I did see you in the distance, then I turned around to say something to Postie, looked round and you had gone!?!