Monday, 30 March 2020

AHPCX - Haitian Revolution - Rebel Slaves

What's this I hear you say?
A new period for Ray?
And Its nothing to do with Donnybrook or Beneath the Lily Banners?
This was first posted on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge on 12th March.
I've been off work for a week now, with this mental virus all over the place, one positive, its great for the hobby, it means more figures painted, but I have to pay for this free time. This morning I was helping my daughter Nieve with he Romeo & Juliet work, groooooooooooan!

Its all Stuart and his blogs fault. 
For the last few years on his blog Dust, Tears & Dice, Stuart has been
painting up and gaming the Haitian Revolution 1791-1804. I was thinking of a new period
and seeing all his excellent painted figures and all the info on the period got my Wargaming juices flowing!

There's only 1 company selling 25mm figures for the period and that's Trent Miniatures

So Father Christmas was told Trent minis are on my wish list last Christmas.
And he, (well Mrs R and my daughters) bought me a stack of figures!

These are the first results 4 units of 12 Rebel Slaves armed with muskets.

All based up on 25mm round bases, also included (not sure of points) are multi bases, enough
for the 48 painted figures.

I also have been collecting Fish Tank plants, for scenery and such, I cut a few into 
pieces and drilled and glued them in place. I think they work rather well?

So my first post on my first new period in a few years should gave me
245 points for the figures and for the bases??

I'm planning on using Rebels and Patriots for the rules.


  1. ANother period is quite possibly the best idea for this interminable break in normality, but these figures got me thinking about what other periods they could be used for.
    I know little of the Haiti Revolution (other than the slaves won) and you've now teaked my interest too. Looking forward to more...

  2. Quite the little army you have there. Fish tank plants - very clever.

  3. Nice alternative period, decidedly off the beaten track. Good stuff!

  4. If you have free time, a new project is a perfect solution! My work continues as before so no "vacation" for me...

    1. I'm into week 2 now, got loads if things to post.

  5. Excellent stuff Ray, it's on my "to do" list for R&P, though George has gone off on a tangent and bought a book on Ottoman Napoleonic Armies so who knows may end up in Egypt! :D

  6. That's quite a body of men, great job Ray.

  7. Lovely work Ray. The Haitian revolution will be a fascinating rabbit hole to go down.

  8. Very interesting choice of direction Ray, and something very unexpected.

  9. Nice work Ray...I too have followed stu's progress with his Haitian project with interest..unusual conflicts like this are always nice to see on the tabletop. I look forward to watching you exoanded on this collection over the coming weeks and months...hopefully not all of them still in lockdown/isolation!

    1. Stu's work was very inspiring! To say the least!

  10. Excellent work Ray and quite different.

  11. Excellent choice for a new period Ray. I think you'll have lots of fun with it. BTW one of the slave Generals became a voodoo deity, post-mortem so he won't improve morale.

  12. Wow! Those are great, Ray. Nice sculpts and beautifully painted.

  13. Great work “Romeo” a neglected period that is for sure


  14. A very belated response... very nice mate. You've been a busy boy!