Thursday, 26 March 2020

AHPC X - Piper's Peak - I spy with my little eye.....

This is another figure that's been sitting around for a few years, he is actually Capt Kidd and was purchased along with Arr Jim Lad and his pal Monkey, from 

"Tamsin would like you to paint anything that is (or could be): 
i) associated with mountains; or
ii) taking a look (a peek); or
iii) displaying anger ('a fit of pique')"

I thought the figure taking a peak through his telescope would fit into Tamsin's Island 
very well.

I did do a little conversion work on the figures hat, it originally was a tricorn,
so I cut away some of the hat and turned it into a floppy hat.

Then gave him a new peri wig for good measure too!

So there we are 30 points for the Challenge Island, 5 points for the figure and perhaps a few 
extra points for the conversion work??


  1. Nice figure Ray, and good work with the hat!

  2. Clever way to fit him into the challenge.

    1. Cheers Alex, the Challenge is a great way of getting figures done that usually are on the bottom of the pile.

  3. Nice figure Ray! That hat conversion came out beautifully.

  4. Forever doomed to fight with a spy-glass to his face.
    Great figure and lovely paintjob.

  5. Lovely work as always Ray...why did you feel the need to vandalise his tricorn?

    1. He needed a floppy hat, not a proper formed tricorn.