Friday, 3 April 2020

AHPCX - Haitian Rebels - Hand Weapons

Week 2 of Isolation and I can share another unit I painted up earlier this month Challenge. I'm off to work today for a few hours so a little break from the routine. I have been painting but nothing's finished yet, anyway on with the post!

Another unit of Trent Minis, Haitian Slaves Rebelling.
These Rebels are armed with hand weapons, hopefully I'll be painting up another few units of these.

They very diverse figures, there are only 3 different figure types here but
they come with spare heads and arms.

So you can make them look slightly different.

I did chop 1 head off and gave him a stolen bicorne.

So that's another 12 figures to add to the pile.

12 x 5 = 60 pts


  1. Talk about an obscure period Ray, Haiti. Looking forward to the figure of L'ouerture.

  2. You did manage to make it look like there were more than three basic figures. And they look angry!

  3. Nice figures and great painting! They look all different to me :)
    Veru nice rounded base!

  4. You have been busy, so when does the revolution start ?

  5. Great stuff Ray, I really like them.

  6. Nice figures. Love that base

  7. Another lovely bunch of rebellious slaves Ray...I was going to comment that the one wearing a bicorne was my favourite...then read yo converted it...nice work!

  8. Superb Rebels, love the diversity of the poses and the basing especially...

  9. This is impressive Ray, quite a force you are building up.