Friday, 30 July 2021

An Ancients Batrep - Romans v Germanic Tribes - The Battle of Alara River 16AD

Some of the Rejects got together for a Roman v Germanic Tribes bash last weekend.
We wasn't expecting such a big game?

The setup

My pal Neil came to the game, he's only played 2 games of 15mm FIW using Donnybrook rules before, so this was a big test for him.

The Romans looking very powerful.

and their Auxillia troops on the flank.

The Germanics standing on the hill taunting their foe.

First turn and all the Celts moved forward.
Our plan was simple, attack as quickly as possible!

Including our flank. But in true Celt fashion we had some hidden troops?

The Romans
Oliver, Dave and Surj

Luvvly looking troops!

The Romans start to redeploy?

We carried on moving forward

Our main attack was on the bend of the Roman lines, in front of Richard's units.

Neil moved up and traded fire with the Roman Auxillia archers.

Richard's main attack was hampered slightly by the woods!

Their was a spot of bother in the Roman ranks, as they couldn't seem to agree what to do and kept moving each others command?

We all had character figures. Richard had a witch. And she was gonna cause trouble. If she was attached to any unit they would get a +4 in melee and morale!

The arguing carried on, on the Roman side so the decided to move around the flank?

We're closing in.....

Oh and there's the surprise!
Surj moved his cavalry onto the hill, and saw a nice surprise.
4 hidden Cavalry units.
Look at poor Dave's face!

The Romans are a tad worried.

The entire table

Looks a little daunting, but I'll give it a go.

Richard get the first charge in!

Then its Neil's turn with the Cavalry.

Its gonna be close???

Neil brings the rest of his infantry up to support the cavalry attack.

As does Richard.

Richard lost both melees and is pushed back.

Oliver and Dave moved up the Romans towards my lines.

The Romans are thinning out.

In the centre I'm facing the 1st Cohort, which has been moved to the front of the Roam lines and is double the size of the other cohorts.

And we're in!

This should be close.

The Roman Cavalry are beaten and what's left runs!

Richard's not having it all his own way, as a unit is knocked back, but the Romans lost a few more figures and are looking very fragile.

The Celts contact the Romans just before they contact my javelinmen.

But still lose the melee and are punched back, leaving the Romans free to attack the javelin men.

Who flee back through the woods.

Then fail their morale check and flee the field.

Richard and Neil make pretty patterns as they advance towards the now retreating Romans

Its a struggle to the death, the Romans have lost their back rank and I've nearly lost mine.

And they're gone. The 1st Cohort is destroyed to the man, in doing so we captured their Eagle.
Which as all of you may know, would mean disgrace for the Legion.

You may ask the question, I know we did, where is the support for the 1st Cohort and why the hell is it trying to take my left flank???

Richard charges and captures another standard. And at the end of the turn Postie gave us, the Celts the victory. We had captured many Roman standards including their Eagle and there was no way back for them. 
The Romans lost 5 units, the 1st 3rd and 6th Cohorts the 4th Auxilla and the Auxilla Cavalry. 
The Celts only lost light troops, 3 Javelin and an archer unit.

T'was Cup o' Tea time, and our Celtic Chieftain Richard, collected the Man of the match award!
Great game was had by all.....I think?
We stuck to our plan all the way through, while the Romans seemed to change their minds every turn, which didn't help there game at all. Not sure why they just didn't stand and wait for us to come onto them, at least they would have been able to fire their bolt throwers every turn.
To the end Surj said that wouldn't have helped them, that they had to try and take the flank???
Can't see it myself, Just glad I was on the Celt side!


  1. Awesome! Working on Romanss now and this is very helpful :)

  2. Wow! That is a huge game of ancients! Great looking game and as usual top notch commentary!


  3. Man, that's an amazing looking game. Beautiful!

  4. Ray, such an impressive sight! A number of new faces around the gaming table today. Where was Big Lee? Very enjoyable after action account. Thank you.

    1. He'd been a naughty boy and wasn't allowed out to play.

  5. Very impressive array of excellent figures

  6. Grand scale wargaming at it's best, Ray! Massive amounts of lovely troops.

  7. Great looking game, wish I had opposition for mr Romans !
    With all this moving about malarkey from the Romnas it's no wonder they lost !

  8. Wow, a great game and a proper set to, great stuff.

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  10. What a cracking looking game - That is quite a collection.

    1. That's only half of Posties collection Stuart!

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  12. Great figures and a big game. You'd think that the Celts can normally be relied upon to get over-excited and charge toward the Romans.

  13. Loved looking through the photos … thanks for putting them up, a ton of eye candy.

  14. Great figures, table, setup, batrep and game. Good to see a non Roman victory as well.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Indeed, the Romans are a pretty evil army to play against.

  15. An epic game--sounds as if the Romans stuck to their script, despite developments, and the old adage about no plan surviving contact with the enemy might have come to roost.

  16. Big game and love the report and the figures. Sounds like you all had a great time.

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    Best Iain

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    Regards, James

  21. A wonderful looking game, Romans if the era, with the big rectangular shields ans segmented armour akways look impressive...their tactics left a bit to be desired though?

  22. Looks like an amazing game! Love the painting on all those Germans and Romans. Fiddly shield transfers too, I appreciate the stress that must have caused :)

    1. Kinda glad they're not my figures. I couldn't have handles all those shield transfers!