Monday, 17 January 2022

AHPC12 - Sarah's Star Yacht & Arda


For only my second post in this the 12th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, I'm taking a trip on Sarah's Star Yacht from my massively successful Pointy Ears at Vulcan!!! to the pleasant surroundings of Arda.
For payment for this trip I'd like to introduce you to Becky Burton the buxom18th Century barmaid.
Becky is from the wonderful chaps at Col Bill's and can be found here, for £3.25

Upon arrival at planet Arda, I chose the Tolkienesque route after I found these sitting in my unloved box. They are obviously from Games Workshop and represent 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith.
I do have a few more of these as well as some other bits and bobs that may pop up a little later, IF I can't work out what else to paint for this years bonus rounds.

And so to the points

Becky 5pts
Sarah's Star Yacht 20pts

Minas Tirith Warriors 30 pts
Arda/Tolkienesque 20 pts

Making a total of 75 points
Should push me up to No52


  1. Becky looks great, who wouldn;t want a barmaid like that ? Wgust tolkien leaves me cold in gaming terms, the warriors may have been in you unloved box but you've hsown great deternination getting them to look excellent ! Well deserved points imho.

  2. The white tower would be proud ;) Nice job, Ray.

  3. Nicely done, reminds me to go looking at Colonel Bills for new characters.

  4. Great work Ray and Col Bill does indeed have many interesting characters!

  5. Nice work Ray, and the Col Bill figure is certainly full of character.

  6. 16thC Hooters, not that I have ever been.

  7. Col Bill has some very good female figures. I painted two of them myself and I find you did a fantastic job on this girl. Also the LOTR figures are well done. Like it how you did the black and the armor.


  8. Buxom Becky looks the part!

    Those warriors of Osgiliath

    1. *Bloody dog jumped on me mid-type and hit publish! Lol

      As I was saying, the LotR figs look very much like their onscreen inspirations.

      Good stuff Ray