Monday, 10 January 2022

AHPC 12 - Vulcan - Prince Rupert and Boy 20pts


Believe it or not I have been very busy with the brush since the start of the Challenge, but like the twat I am, I started too many things at once, so I've not got a lot finished....Sigh!

Vulcan: Something Logical; Pointy Ears

I suspect as most of you know, I don't do a lot of fantasy of Sci Fi, but do have a small collection of figures just for the Challenge, BUT, I thought I'd go a bit left field. 

My first entry into Challenge 12 is a 25mm Bicorne figure representing King Charles' nephew Prince Rupert and his dog Boy. I've got a crazy yearning to do a small (yeah right) ECW army for Donnybrook, based on one of the smaller skirmishes that Rupert was involved in. So I thought I'd start with the main man himself. Whether or not anything else gets painted is another story.

Prince Rupert didn't have pointy ears, nor did his Poodle Boy, but his horse sure did!

Just look at them ears!!! Pointy or what????

So there we have it, and I managed to get this post in before the end of the year too.

10 points for the mounted Prince Rupert
2 points for Boy?
20 Bonus points for Vulcan

Total of 32 points!
Well that's what I thought but Curt was being mean and didn't like my pointy ears!
I was only awarded 20 points.......booooooo!!!


  1. Nice figure Ray. I really enjoy the challenge....we get to see a lot more posts from you than other times of the year, which is a very good thing....keep up the good work (I must say, I do agree with the referees decision on the Vulcan ears....)

  2. One out of three pointy ears - good luck! Looks good.

  3. Would love to see you do some ECW. Pikemans' Lament works a treat for skirmish. And I think the pointy ears look grand.

  4. Good looking figure, but I doubt his poodle (originally a hunting dog iirc), is a bit meh.
    Get your finger out for the rest of the challenge!

  5. Love the vignette, Ray! I have a special affection for both the prince and his "magical" hunting poodle, Boye. In fact, I plan to game Marston Moor (or something based on it), as my first ECW game in 2022 (soon I hope). Although this battle was sadly Boye's last. That period celestial artwork is really cool too.

  6. If only you had mounted him on a Unicorn! I tell you, you'll miss those extra ten points at the end of the challenge!

  7. One of my favorite personalities of the ECW and you did a fine job on him Ray!


    1. Thanks Chris, I'm amazed there's not been a film about his exploits?

  8. Nice work Ray, and you're off to a good (if slightly tenuous) start.

  9. Great looking vignette, loge live Prince Rupert ...and its dog!

  10. Great looking figure Ray! And I love the dog!


  11. Very smart looking fellow! Love the poochie too!