Friday, 7 January 2011

Recently Painted No 7 NYW Princess Anne of Denmark's Horse

My last painted units of 2010 are 2 squadrons of Princess Anne of Denmarks's Horse for the NYW. They're Essex miniatures based up for BLB Rules.
I've tried for a week to find any info about this unit and only found a small amount.
The regiment was raised 30th July 1685 by Robert Lekes the 3rd Earl of Scarsdale's and were known as Scarsdale's/Princess Anne of Denmarks regiment of Horse. On 1st December 1687 Charles Beauclerk  the 1st Duke of St Albans became the new regiment's Colonel. Sometime after this date Thomas Langston became their Colonel.
On the 3rd August 1692 the regiment fought at the Battle of Steenkirke, where they were virtually destroyed covering the retreating allied army. Soon after the battle the regiment was disbanded, which seems a bit unfair after their valiant effort covering the retreat. The survivors were transfered into other Horse regiments and also to Langstons new Horse regiment taking over Godfrey's Horse.


  1. It's hard to find out much of anything about that war. There is more about the Irish part than about the Flanders part. It seems like these guys must have changed sides around 1688, at least as far as the king is concerned.

  2. The Glorious Revolution hasn't been taught in British schools in 40 years. No prizes for guessing why.

  3. Nicely done!


  4. @ MikeyB, Cheers!!
    @ Mekelnborg, Your right the whole regt deserted James II for William on 9th/10th November 1688!!!
    @ Sucio, We get get sent to the tower for just thinking that!
    @ Furt, :0)

  5. I'm Danish and I aprove of this. Haha, good job man :)

  6. Nice job man! Looks great!