Saturday, 25 June 2011

Flodden flags in action

I had an email the other day from wargamer Eric Elder, he sent me a photo of two command stands from his new project of The Battle of Flodden. Eric has used the flags that I made for both sides of the battle, that I've posted previously on this blog. I'm sure you'll agree they look great!! and I can't wait to see some more of Eric's work.
I must admit it's nice to finally see the flying high, as I've not had the time to put them on my own figures yet!!! I get a lot of ribbing from the other Rejects about this and why I've not finished the FIW rules I'm trying to write and why I've not started Fran's 20mm WWII figures and why I've not put a Viking game on for ages come to think of it, a game at all for ages...............moan, moan, moan!!!!

Also in other wargaming news, I made it into this months issue of Wargames Illustrated Woo Hooo!!. Page 90 top right picture, red stripy T-shirt, big belly poking out, (gotta do something about that). Yep that's me, I'm in deep conversation with Alex (I believe???), one of the authors of the new Saga Viking rules. Which will defiantly be making a dent in my wallet, when its released.
So if any of you feel the need, just send me your copy of your mag with a stamped addressed envelope and I'll sign it for you, he he he!!



  1. At least Ray your not in the shot of mine and David's layout which is in W.I and we were both breathing in for most of the show.

  2. Well done on the new found fame and the flags. They do look good. I'd love to hear about those rules when they're ready.

    Maybe you'd be interested in these buildings too, if you haven't already seen them:

    Good to have handy if you get caught out by a scenario, or you're using random building generation maybe.

  3. Hello, Good figurki.Otlichnaya work.

  4. Brilliant!

    Another blogger going famous!!! Hehehe...

  5. Yes RAy, his name is Alex, and I saw him today (bought some minis from him BTW). If I remember correctly, the rules should be released soon! Very soon.

  6. Well done mate....all your hard work is paying off...irrespective of what Fran keeps telling me about it. :-D

  7. Always good to see somehitgng like that on someone else's project. Good job. And congrats on the fame too!

  8. Your flags do look great Ray. Well done on the fame.

  9. That's great, that you are famous now. You may be one of the top authorities on Flodden flags too, at least on a popular level.

    You could do something like a Sapherson book, except a Ray book, to go with that other one you were doing.

    Maybe you will start to act like Britney Spears though now that you are going to be in all the papparrazzi things now.

  10. I'll be giving those Saga Viking rules a look.

    Congrats on the photo! I was debating about picking this one up, but now that there is a blogger I follow in one, well I almost have to now.

  11. Thanks. Picture is a bit dark. Oh well...I'll work on that in the future. Just finished some Highlanders. Might just use a Saint Andrew's Cross flag.

  12. Hi Eric, why not, its as good as any.