Tuesday 11 October 2011

The Battle of Kostschin 1945 A fictional batrep

Last Sunday three of Posties Rejects turned up at the usual haunt for a practise game using a new set of rules. Now the most amazing thing about the game, was the long lost Reject Ian turned up for a game, which was quite handy as he was the ref for the day, and we were using his figures and terrain! For the last couple of years Ian's been a bad reject and not turned up at Mansion Postie for any games, so it was a pleasure (?) to see him.
The previous Thursday Ian came and setup the game in Posties shed and what a delightful game it was too, I can say that, because history is written by the winners and that was me, I'm sure Fran (The Angry Lurker), will also try and claim victory gabling on about me giving in before any dice were thrown, but he's ginger and therefore a liar in my book!!! He may also go on about bad dice roles or even good dice rolls, but its just sour grapes!!
  Anyway on with the game, I was in charge of a medium sized, German army, including a few Tigers, Panthers Panzer IV's and not a lot of infantry, now Fran will likely say that, this is a goddam lie and I'm a cheatin' ba$tarrd. Let's just say the Russian commanders Franski and Postielov were shot by firing squad  the next day due to the failure to take the town and bridge at Kostschin, (pronounced koost-stin). I, Raystein, was raised to a hero of the Fatherland for my gallant defence of Kostschin, against the overwhelming forces of the Soviets.

The destroyed town of Kostschin, on the River Odra
The Bridge
Where shall I hide my troops??
The Pillbox at the bottom left of the picture, was the Russian objective, which
was quite a long way away, (he he!!!)
Another shot of the town

 I had to set up all my troops on paper, which did take me quite some time, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not as up to date on WWII tactics and weapons and I made a huge mistake in my setup, which obviously made the Russians chuckle. I was given 3 pieces of terrain to place down as hull down markers, now the ref explained that it would give me all round protection for my tanks and make them harder to hit, BUT he neglected to tell me that I wouldn't be able to move them for the rest of the game, Oooopss!!!!!!!!

So in true WWII style I placed my hull down markers on three Tigers!!!
I must admit I through a little bit of a wobbler, and wanted to strangle Ian for not telling me. Fran and Postie
 graciously decided not to let me remove them and carried on laughing anyway!!
The Russian hordes advance. Posties T34/76's and T34/85'S and supporting infantry double move, while in the background you can just make
out Frans's T34/87's and ISU 152's also with tons of infantry.
Posties troops advancing. The figurers in line behind the tank are actually on the tank.

German re-enforcements. 4 Panzer IV's arrive at the bridge

A Panzer eye view up the road

Russian infiltrators arrive behind the German lines.

A view of the back of Kostschin. The Russian infiltrators are hiding in the
building at the bottom left, while the wrecked building in the centre
is defended by a small German squad.

(Cough!) A hulled Tiger awaiting the Russian infantry assault. Fortunately the Russians
didn't receive any cover bonus hiding behind the giant yellow tape-measure.

Posties 85's head for the road, big mistake!!

Time to bring out the second line of German defence. Four Panthers fill
in the gaps between the buildings.

A cheesed off Fran, after  I threw two 6's to save the first hits he
inflicted in a while, he he!! Infact I'll have to admit I threw extremely well for
the whole game, while the Russians for want of a better word threw crap!

Another tank bites the dusk, this was just too easy.
This poor 85 was destroyed by a Panzerschreck shot from the building  next to it.

Fran's tank can be seen at the top of this pic, they've just destroyed a
Tiger, (which was the only German tank to be destroyed for the whole of the game)
and forced the abandonment of a PAK 88.

The German trenches are about to overrun, both 10.5 guns have
 been abandoned in favour of the rifle.

An ISU joins the two surviving 85's at the road.

The same ISU can be seen smouldering after being destroyed by
shot from a hidden Panzerfaust. Also destroyed was another 85 on the road.
The Russians morale
was beginning to fade quite rapidly by now.

Don't get too close Mother!

Fran's Russains advance onto the second line of buildings, while my Panthers sit and wait.

More Russians stream forward, but its all too late.

Just to add insult to injury, my Panzer IV's cross the bridge.

Just one for Fran, The only destroyed German tank, this one wasn't hulled down either!!!

And the Russians then called an end to the game, we all realised  they would never reach their objective. In hindsight Ian agreed he may have given the Germans too much fire power and the objective was too far away for them ever to achieve.

But I don't care, I won!!!!!!!

The Russians destroyed 1 Tiger, 1 PAK 88 and two 10.5 artillery pieces and loads of men. The Germans destroyed an untold amount of Russian armour, around 12 tanks, sorry I forgot how many, it was just too easy, he he!!

Postie rather harshly punishes Ian, for making it hard for him to win!


  1. I just came over from Angry's place. I thought I'd better come to see the winner. You guys make this look like so much fun. The pictures and the narratives help a lot. The comaraderie really comes through. I envy you guys.

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  4. Great report, written with good humor. :) The table looks wonderful, and the models are excellent!

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  6. Oops I forgot to put that in, they Ian's version of a free online version of WW2 WAB with different changes he's made.

  7. Ray Rousell is a liar and a dog botherer, myself and Postie won!

  8. Just read Frans BatRep and now your one... Looks like it was a great game. So what are you bribing Fran with to let you win?

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  11. @ Lee - Peanuts, that's what you normally give monkeys isn't it??

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  18. Very nice everything, Sir. Lovely painted and arranged bldgs. I need more structures to enhance the art-of-war in my small games. Thanks.

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    Great report, pics, terrain, and minis. Definitely jealous of you having a fun group of "Rejects" to game with!

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    It was such a pleasure to read both :)

    Thanks :)

  28. Good AAR. When you and Fran are allies in a game, how do the reports read? Certainly a fantastic table.

  29. @ Mike - Funnily enough we rarely play on the same side, in our games we are either randomly given a side or chosen by the umpire, I've not played on Fran's side for quite a while now.