Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Battle of Liegnitz or Fran's Last Game. A SYW batrep

The Rejects got together last weekend for a quickly organized game for Fran, He eejit is moving back to Ireland in the New Year, so our games with him will be few and far between.
As it was his last game with us Postie suggested that Fran pick the game. Fran chose a blast from the past.......a Seven Years War game!! When he first came over to the UK and joined our group we played the Campaign "Sport of Kings", included in the ruleset Warfare in the Age of Reason. So many of his first games with us were SYW games. Now we haven't played the SYW for at least 10 years??? And were I do believe looking back through rose coloured glasses!!
Age of Reason used to be my Favourite set of rules, but after this game..................they're not!
They just take too long and are a pain.
It was very short notice but we managed to get 4 players a side, it could have been 6+ a side if everybody who was invited could make it, which would have been a nightmare!!
Fran could pick what side he want to command, and chose the Austrian's who were defending, which left me commanding the Prussians, I would then setup against Fran's setup.
Fran set up quite well, which didn't really leave me a lot of options, mainly due to the terrain....cheers Postie!!!!

The initial setup

The sides
1st Brigade -1st/2nd Batt of 7th, 10th Musketeers, 15th Lieb Garde 1 Siege, 1 Heavy, 1 Medium  and                      1 Med Howitzer
2nd Brigade - 1st/2nd Batt 35th Fusilers, 1st/2nd Combined Grenadiers, 1 Siege, 1 Heavy, I Medium                        and 1 Med Howitzer
3rd Brigade - 41st Fusilers, 1st Musketeers, Von Kliest Frei Corps, 1st Jagers, 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, 1                         Medium Howitzer.
4th Brigade - Guard Cuirassiers, 1st, 13th and 4th Cuirassiers
5th Brigade - 7th & 12th Cuirassiers
6th Brigade - 5th & 11th Dragoons
7th Brigade - 1st & 3rd Dragoons
8th Brigade - 2nd Dragoons, 7th Hussars
9th Brigade - 2nd & 4th Hussars, 1 Medium Horse Artillery

1st Brigade -1st/2nd 38th 1st/2nd 48th Musketeers, 1 Siege, 2 Heavy, 1 Medium Gun
2nd Brigade - 1st/2nd 55th, 51st Hungarian Fusilers, 1st/2nd Combined Grenadiers, 1 Siege, 1                                    Heavy, 1 Light and 1 Med Howitzer
3rd Brigade - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Pandours, 3 Light, 1 Howitzer
4th Brigade - 13th &14th Cuirassiers
5th Brigade - 4th & 6th Cuirassiers
6th Brigade - 12th & 3rd Cuirassiers
7th Brigade - 6th & 7th Dragoons
8th Brigade - 2nd Dragoons, Palatival Hussars
9th Brigade - Paul Anton Eszterhazy Hussars, Hadik Hussars, 1 Medium Horse Artillery

The Prussian left wing
The 1st and 9th Brigades commanded by Surj 

My 2nd Brigade

Tamsin's 4th, 5th, 6th & 8th Brigades
Lee commanded the Dragoons far right, the 7th Brigade

Fran's troops on the hill.

Dave and John's horde of Horse!!

Our plan was simple, Lee was to hold in the centre wood, I would attack the hill on our right
while Surj would have the main attack on the left of the hill. Tamsin was just to attack with the Cavalry!!!

The Cuirassiers advance.

As does my Brigade!

Fran's Pandour brigade. He put these on his flank, I guess to move into the wood on his right?
Our plan was to not let them in the wood and keep them in the open, where they're weaker.

The hill looked quite a monster to attack, the Austrian Musketeers are in 18 figure units, while ours are in 12's, it was going to be hard.

The Face-off

We faced 6 Austrian Cuirassiers!!

A nicer looong line!!!

A view of Suj's troops from the hill

I don't quite know what to write here???

Smiffy's infantry didn't do much in the game, they stood firm and fired.

Dave's Hussar's stay in colomn, but where are they going?

Fran's Pandour

The Wargaming Girl gets getting ready to pounce!

A helicopter view

And they're in!

Clint came along to the game, but didn't play

Me and Surj move up, and Fran moved his skirmishers to the flank.

Sneaky Dave, moves forward in column, through the little gap we'd left
this wasn't an attacking move, he needed to secure the flanks of the rest of his cavalry.

I had hoped by now I'd have taken care of at least 1 of Fran's Siege guns on the hill, but we failed
this meant my attack would have to halt, otherwise, my troops would be smashed with cannister.

Tamsin's dice were good, but Dave's were better!!

The eeejit himself!

Come on Tamsin!!!!

The white markers denote the unit still has its first fire.

Things are hotting up on the hill....

Things aren't going our way...

Disaster, Tamsin loses two units who retreat from the table edge, never to be seen again.

Surj charges Fran's Pandours who promptly leggit!

Their red routing markers are just visable

Now that looks better!
Fran's infantry on the hill have finally had enough, they rout!

And to make matters worse, Surj charges the Pandours in the rear!!
Routing the unit through the Red Pandours. They both leave the table.

Leaving the flank open.....Mwah ha ha!

Lee moves his two Dragoon units up, but its a bit too close, me thinks??

Tamsin's Hussars do wonderful things and win a melee that they shouldn't 
have, then they go crashing into another unit

What a mess!!

Fran's Grenadiers take the place of the routing infantry, and I move up the
 hill with my Grenadiers. Fran's last siege gun flees as well!

Surj prepares for attack on the flank

The Austrian Grenadiers run

And there's where the game ended. We both had reached our casualty limit and had to
test our army morale. which we both passed with flying colours!!

And as the Chinese restaurant was booked up we had to run!

So a draw was called, It was a bit disappointing spending all day fighting and only to
get a draw. I think if we'd had time to play another two turns it would have gone our way.
Tamsin was holding her own on our right, Lee held the middle and me and Surj were beating
up Poor Laughing boy!
Not sure we'll play Age of Reason again, but we will be playing the SYW again, that's for sure
infact Richard, is going to ref the same game using the same oob's but using the Konieg's Krieg set of rules, sometime in the New Year.
So that's something to look forward too.


  1. Sorry it was a draw, but your play-by-play was hilarious.
    Bummer Fran is moving to Ireland. Or is it...?

  2. Great looking scrap, Ray! Your BatReps are always so entertaining.
    May not be the same without Fran, though...

    1. Cheers Jonathan, you could well be right about Fran.

  3. End of a bit of an era eh? All for the best in the end though.

    The Koenig Krieg rules are good - better than AOR, I think. I've used thtem off and on for years andnever had a crib about them.

    1. Yeh, he'd be daft not to take up the chance, but its sad to see the shitbag go. We played a few games of Koenig's Krieg many moons ago, so I'll look forward to giving them a go again.

  4. Great looking table and miniatures. How could you take ten years between games with that on offer?!?

    1. Tell me about it!! And that lot on show is nothing, Posties got at least 10 times that, with all the major countries included, British, French, Russians, Turks and Scots..........

  5. Great looking game Ray - seven years war always looks great on the table. I switched from Age of Reason to Black Powder (with amendments) and had some pretty action packed games with that. Shame that Fran is leaving - I always enjoy reading the banter between you two - hopefully you can import him back over on a regular basis.

    1. That's the plan, he 's planning on coming back over every April at least.

  6. Great AAR and what a fun game it was.

    Lee was a nuisance with his dragoons - first off he doesn't move them so there's no space for my routing cavalry to fit behind them making them go off the table, then he moves them up far too close to the action, leaving no room for break-offs. Just as well I was winning that combat! Mind you, he wasn't helped by Evil Postie "accidentally" dropping the activation card for that brigade on the floor. Not that Lee bothered to move them after the card had been found ;)

    Which reminds me, I really should get round to doing my batrep.

    1. See now you understand what its like playing with Lee on your side! It was a great days gaming, just a shame we didn't get a proper final result. Its took me long enough to get my report done, you'll need to put that brush down to get yours up!

    2. Cheeky blighters! I was following Ray's orders!!

  7. Who are you all going to pick on with Fran leaving?!?


  8. It's probably a fitting result, that Fran and yourself fought each other to a standstill for an entire day's gaming.
    Enjoyable aar Ray.

  9. That was a great report Ray and as always very entertaining! Sad news to hear Fran will be leaving your group as you two really provided some excellent banter!


    1. Glad you liked the report, and it is a shame he's leaving, as much as it pains me to say!!

  10. Great batrep Ray! It was nice that it was a draw. Hope there weren't too many tears over Fran's departure.

  11. I feel sad that he's moving away and that you guys won't get to play :-(

    1. I was just thinking, how come Lurker's not giving the finger in that photo? Or eating a Spam sandwich?

  12. Thanks Ray, that was terrific. What an amazing collection of toys. 15mm by the looks of it? A fitting sendoff for Fran to be sure.
    You folks might want to look at Maurice as an alternative set of SYW rules.

    1. Yep 15mm, I'll suggest the idea to von Postie himself!

  13. Can we get a "Bring back Fran" kickstarter going?? Very sorry to hear that the terrible twosome will be broken up. There will be a little less good banter in the world, and for that we'll all be the poorer. Hopefully you'll still be able to get together occasionally for a game and a few laughs.

    All the best to you both (and to all the Rejects),


    1. Sounds like a plan Aaron!!! He says he'll come back over every year for Salute, so we may get to have a game, but that's all.........

  14. Sorry to see Fran moving. Great looking SYW game!

  15. Nice AAR Ray. Shame about the draw, but thats the way the big ball bounces sometimes.

    Not the end of a era really as you all still have some unfinished business now!

    1. Yeh, we don't usually get draws in the shed o war.....

  16. Always love your batreps Ray. The pictures are always good and the tale well told.

    This doesn't have to be your last game with Fran. You could always move to Ireland with him.....

  17. Looks lika a fun game.... Great AAR.

  18. Sad to see Fran leave the party, but he's still only the internet away. Once I can catch up on my blog, I'll be posting batreps, but none for SYW AS YET.

    1. Indeed, I'll look forward to your reports soon??

  19. Great batrep, beautiful armies (love the Austrians), a fantastic looking table!

  20. ''Plase Brang Fran Back''... Nice batrep from a nice and colourful historical period. :)

  21. Great report Ray! Won't be the same without Fran!

  22. Another fine battle fought on the table. And The brilliant field commander, General Francis, will be sorely missed.

  23. Other then the terrain the forces and having Lee and Surjit on your side I don't think the evil GM was evil enough!

    Nice report mate. I couldn't stay all day but did enjoy what I saw. With the Chinese booked you should have gone for an Indian. After al,l all decent wargamers like an Indian meal.

    1. Oh he was Clint.he was!!! Don't do indian stinks!!

  24. The end of an era indeed! Great batrep and the only right way to sent Fran of to the Green Isle.

    Cheers Sander

  25. An epic encounter for the Big Fella's farewell game; you could have let him win!

  26. Great AAR, as usual. I'll agree with Gary, I think Koenig Krieg is a better set, but I will suggest Volley and Bayonet as the best choice. Very appropriate farewell game for Fran.

    1. We used to play V & B many moons ago. But I'm looking forward to giving Koenig's Krieg a bash.

  27. Hope more SYW in your near future. A great game and with the massed cavalry feel too. Too often both sides have dense infantry lines backed by artillery and the flanking cavalry fights become a side show.... till poor infantry sob in the flank battalion sees a grinning cuirassier, sword raised, riding towards him.

    WR checking back soon. Enjoy your holidays.
    WR aka Michael

    1. My favourite period, more reports to follow soon, I hope, cheers!

  28. What a fantastic wargame table!
    The SYW is a beautiful age, especially when played with your figures.

  29. Great game! Great loss! Don't leave us on blogger Fran!
    Thanks for sharing Ray!