Monday, 9 May 2016

The Battle of Fort (Angry) Lee 1756 - A FIW batrep

Oops its taken far too long to get this report up!!!!

As you have already seen on Fran & BigLee's blogs, the Angry bush hugger himself came back to Blighty to visit Salute and as he was over for a week we arranged an evening game for him, just so he could reminisce about days gone by and stop thinking about potatoes and bogs.

Several Rejects made the bash and as per usual......I got shafted!

Fort Lee - Was held by a company of the Kings 44th regt of foot, commanded by John.

While me and Lee had a company of the 60th Royal American regt.

Our plan was simple.......Don't let the French win!
The French plan was equally brilliant.......Kill the Brits and settlers

I was also in command of 2 companies of Gage's Light Infantry, the 80th foot.

Although one company was set up in a rather dodgy position?? 

See what I mean??
All I needed was to spot the Trois Rivers Militia and Indians skulking in the woods??
Which I didn't!
So this gave the French first turn....

Which didn't go so well........for us!

I didn't fancy my chances against the French at the bridge, so I beat a hasty retreat....

John wanted some action, so headed out of Fort Lee.

A nice bit of defensive terrain, that'll do me.

Rich & Fran storm over the bridge!

More French appear from the should just be able to see the blue discs full of troops.

John heads over to Lee's end of the table.





There wasn't any left for me and Fran??

Really not fancying our chances
French regt Bearn being led by the Campagnes Franches de la Marine.

We kept losing the I pulled back,

while Richard the Firestarter, got up to his old tricks again.

John, listened to me and turned around to help me out.

We'll wait here......should be safer ???

The Indians scalp there way forward.

Gawd there's a lot of 'em!

Pretty pattern time

John was getting bored, so he moved forward and took a few potshots!

But the Indians and Militia hid.....yes hid behind the hill!!!

Here they come

After whittling me down, the Indians charge!

The onslaught continues!!

The French are getting closer...

An exchange of fire!!

In a last moment of madness, I charge my last remaining member of Gage's to his doom!!

There the game ended, Postie had made the game only 10 turns, the points were added up
and it was a lot closer than we all though. Victory went to the French with a narrow 5 point lead,
although if Surj had scalped a little it would have been a lot more.

Been a while since he was seen in here!!!
Was great to have the old git back in the shed for a game.
Let's hope its not another year before I can get my revenge!!!


  1. Glad you guys all got back together for a game, even if you didn't get any cake.
    How long does it take to set up the table for a game like that?

  2. Epic and gorgeous! What's not to like in this report of Fort (Angry) Lee battle? Beautiful troops, terrain..and cake...wonderful!

  3. Great review mate, although its taken so long I'd assumed you had given up blogging! lol.

    A great game, good to see the old Lurker back in the shed.

    ...and for the record there was plenty of cake to go around. Not our fault if you weren't fast enough for thirdsies!

  4. After Fran, who didn't get cake, I also read here that you didn't get cake! Didn't Fran tell something in his answer about "Rejects"! :-D
    Great battle report and pictures! I've seen it for the third time now and I can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I remember Ray had cake?

    2. What a shame! And it looked so good on the pictures! Very tasty! When you're in Belgium, maybe one day on CRISIS, I bring cake with me for both of you!


  5. Nice pics Ray :)

    Sorry to hear Fran missed out on the cake :(

    1. Fran was too full up having stuffed himself with pringles and other crap.

  6. Exellent AAR!

    Nice with wargaming and cake :)

  7. Boy, Ray! That table looks grand. Did you get any cake? I often have to bring my own.

  8. Great set-up and my mean the game, not your circumstances, but come to think of it...

  9. Good to see you all back together!

  10. It certainly was a great looking game, shame about the lake of cake. Great to see the Ol' Fecker back in the shed.

  11. "Never leave the safety of a fort"...who said that?? Oh :-)

  12. Fun report and pictures. The General looks confident and at peace.

  13. Great to see the old firm back together!

  14. It's great to see the whole gang together again for a game. The cake actions photos were really fun!

  15. Yet another excellent looking game

  16. Fun report and lovely looking table and figures!

  17. Great looking game and next time make sure to run to the front to get some cake!


  18. It does look like a grand game, Ray! Lots of splendid minis and terrain too! I liked seeing the mass of ancestors storming across the river too! ;)
    I'm very glad the Rejects got a chance to game together on Fran's holiday too!

  19. It's such a marvellous period and what a beaut game and most entertaining report, thanks Ray.
    You'll have to pay to get the 80th issued with bi-focals!!