Friday, 10 February 2017

AHPC VII Donnybrook Pioneers/Sapper

For my 6th entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, you'll all be
surprised that I've gone all Donnybrook again??


I've been beavering away getting some Pioneers or Sappers or just plain workmen painted up.
The first 6 figures plus equipment are not Nine Years War figures (Shock Horror!)
They are infact a lovely ECW set from Bicorne Miniatures, that'll cost you only £8
to buy unpainted. I've painted them up in a variety of colours, so they could be for
either side in my Donnybrook skirmish games.

The second set of 10 figures are from Reiver Castings, they are painted up with the green 
troos and stocking for Kirke's regt. But once again could be used for any side during the war.
They could even be added to a Civilian Mob, or added to other troops to make a Rebel unit for Sedgemoor.

Lastly, are 3 figures and some equipment from Dixon Miniatures.
The Engineer from a previous entry is also included in this pack.

And here they all are in a group shot.
19 figures, 2 wheelbarrows, 2 barrels, piles of wood and a discarded coat.......
 Miles my Monday Minion gave me 100 points for this collection giving me a grand
total of 290 points, lifting me up the charts to 52 place!

I've added the Pioneer Engineer in this pic, he was entered into the Challenge last month
and is included in the pack from Dixon.


  1. I think they look great Ray and work well with your previous entry

  2. Lovely bunch of figures Ray.

  3. Once you go Donnybrook you can never go back?
    Nice job. Soome of those would do well as American colonists.

    1. Yep, and some will play the part of American Colonists on later games......if I ever pull my finger out that is.

  4. What a lovely set of figures and once again well painted Ray. Well done.

  5. Lovely job and useful guys!

  6. Some of these would make a good civilian mob or in a vignette of building and manning barricades as in your previous post.

  7. What a very versatile bunch - great additions, but will they ever see action ?

  8. Wonderfully painted with great shading, well done. Amazing those chaps in white shirts can keep them clean working in the dirt. I get my shirt a mess eating lunch!