Saturday, 28 October 2017

SELWG 2017

Better late than never
Here's my take on SELWG 2017......
I've always loved SELWG, ever since getting into the daft hobby of ours many moons ago. I'm sorry to say that the show seemed to have slipped in the past few years IMHO, but this year I'm extremely happy to say it was back to its very best!
Yes there were a few traders and games missing, but it was still a crackin' show!
The standard of games were excellent and most were historical for a change!!!

Well that was a first... me and Postie were the first to arrive!
Tickets numbers 1 & 2!
And Postie still managed to push in!

My favourite game of the show went to Gravesend Wargames Club's  WWII game, Taking the Pissoir

Is that you?

South London Warlords - Invasion of the  Dalaks!!

Anti-Alchemists - Texas War of Independence 1835

Essex Warriors - Siege of Maldon 917AD

Me and Postie bumped into that famous wargaming dame, Tamsin.
No I'm not that tall, they're just both very very short!
(Pinched from BigLee's blog)

Crawley Wargames Club - Landsnecht!

I want one!!!!

Deal Wargmes Club - 7TP v the Panzers
Prudka River 4th Sept 1939
The Ugly Little Monster Burned like a Torch

Maidstone Wargames - Fenris

 Granville & Arkwright
BigLee and Clint

Friday Night Fire Fight 

Simon Miller - To the Strongest
The Battle of Ruspina

Not sure who - Looks like Napoleonics?

Or is that you?

Peter Pig - Spanish Civil War

Eastbourne Wargames Club - ACW
Using Trevor from Redoubt Minis collection

Loughton Strike Force - General de Armee

Upstairs near the Bring & Buy

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Panzer Vor

GLC Games Club - Mission: The Red Badge of Courage

Society of Ancients - Sentinum 295BC

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society - Stoke Field 1487

The games are in full swing

Streatham & Tooting - WotR or Condottieri?

Shepway Wargamers - Brittania 417AD

Bring & Buy

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Sand & Salami
WWII El Ghiblets Nov 1940

The Headless Man on a Spit boys!!


  1. Great photos of some absolutely cracking games. Thanks for sharing, Ray.

  2. Stunning collection of marvelous games. Yes, that Vauban style fortress is mighty impressive. Thanks for posting the photos!

  3. Great! Thanks for a photo report :)

  4. Great show photos, Ray! I want one of those Renaissance fortified towns too!

  5. I want a castle as well!
    Although I'd settle for the church in the Texas War setup.
    Great shots and glad the show is back up to standards.

  6. Enjoyable to follow along: thanks for the excellent report (Granville and Arkwright: still chuckling over that one!)

  7. Awesome, what a pleasure to look at this report...

  8. Lots of things I missed! Great photos.

  9. Lots of things I missed! Great photos.

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour Ray. I always enjoy your visits. Being posted to Tonga means I live vicariously through your postings. Keep it up mate.

  11. Thanks for the photos and review Ray, it looks a good show with some very fine games. I am envious of the terrain for the Landsnect game, but I think it may be out of my price range.

    1. Cheers Robbie, it was a great show, The Landsnecht terrain was a beauty. Apparently all handmade too?

  12. Thanks Ray - a goodly amount of pleasure.

  13. Better late than never, Ray, and this was a fantastic posting imho. indeed, between your coverage, Clint's and Tamsin's articles, I think I may well give this a visit next year.

  14. Those are some wonderful looking games!


  15. Thanks for the great photos Ray!

  16. First time that I've seen some decent photographs of the venue and it looks great!
    I was very pleasantly surprised at the scarcity of non-historical games, but the width and deepthe of periods, scales etc. was a wonder to behold!
    Cheers for posting Ray.

    1. There were a few non-historical games, but plenty more historical, which did make a change!

  17. Wish I was there! Thanks for the pics and the entertaining report, Ray!

  18. Good Pic of Stadller and Waldorf . Why did postie turn up so early? "I want one!!!!" Then build one, you lazy git. but we both know Postie would then look after it for several years and you would eventually forget about it until many years late and then Postie would try to convince you with some Machevellian plots that go on in the evil gremlins mind that Fran took it to Ireland.

    Nice pick and nice report. And "Good" to see you at the show. When I say "Good" I of course mean..... REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED. Absol- REDACTED-lutly REDACTED REDACTED you little REDACTED REDACTED. As I am sure we all know.

  19. Cracking pics Ray! Really good report and worth the wait indeed!

  20. Great looking set of photos Ray.

  21. Great to hear that you felt that the show was on the up and some wonderful shots of the games too!

    1. Defo on the up and well worth a visit Sir M!

  22. Great post Ray,
    Add me to the list of who would love that castle in there collection!

  23. what a massive mafia gathering :)

  24. Great stuff; haven't been to SELWG for years!

  25. A Splendid Treat, to view Ray. As for that fortress why have one,when two or three might well do. Thanks a Bundle. BB

  26. great pictures - will have to try and get along next year

  27. Nice write up and pics Ray. I agree with you - "Taking the Pissoire" was my pick of the games too.

    I might be a tad shorter than you, but I'm not as short as Postie :)

    1. Postie is like an evil gnome! So said Ian yesterday anyway!

  28. Thanks for sharing Ray! Next saterday it's CRISIS. ;-)


  29. That made me chuckle, pipped at the post into 2nd place. Thanks for sharing, looked like a good show.

  30. Great looking show, that's a lot of historical games, decent light and nice castle!
    Best Iain

  31. Excellent, Ray. Not sure how I missed this post at the time!