Monday, 6 September 2021

The Battle of Fort Roussillon 1758 a FIW Batrep


Only 3 Rejects made it to last weekends game, being the Bank Holiday weekend and all.
Richard, Postie and myself.
Postie set up a rather large FIW Skirmish game, I bought a new mobile which has a very good camera, so look out for some close up shots during the game.

The Battle of Fort Roussillon 29th August 1758

Due the the increase in Indian raids in the area, Colonel Cole the local area commander has decided to send his wife Martha back to the safety of Albany.
Unfortunately a small Indian scouting party was in the area as her carriage and escort made their way south to Albany.
The waiting Indians sensing that the carriage was carrying someone important, attacked the carriage, killing all the escorts and capturing poor Mrs Cole, plus a few casks of whiskey. Dragging their captive along with them all the while swigging the whiskey, which has made their progress slow and loud as they make their way back to Fort Roussillon and their village.
Word has reached Fort Edward, Colonel Coles base of operations in the area, who has immediately led troops out on a revenge mission to finally silence all French and Indian activity in the area and of course rescue his wife in the process. 

Fort Roussillon

French Camp

Indian village

Mrs Cole being led away

Richard picked out the French, which left me with the British.
All my troops were hidden, with some blank markers as well just to confuse Richard.
I was given instruction from Postie how I could win the game. To achieve a major victory I would have to take the Fort, burn the Indian village and capture Mrs Cole. This was gonna be hard. 

I couldn't set up any closer to the Indian village than this.

Richard had a few troops in the fort, but I didn't know if their were any in the blockhouse?

A close up on the Fort.

My one and only Indian unit had to set up following Mrs Coles trail.

A skirmish unit, (Natives and Rangers) move 6 inches, If you want them to run, you add a throw of a D6. I threw a 6, so quickly caught up.

Postie used all the board 14 x 6 feet

If a red base got closer than 1 inch they would have to reveal if they held any troops.
I moved the Rangers out deliberately to help take the Fort.

Facing the Rangers, were a scattering of French foot.

Richard's Sharpshooter takes a potshot!

As do some of my Rangers, hence the cotton wool smokemarkers

Bit of a sickener, the previous turn I gave away that I possiblly had figures in the corner of the table edge. Richard being colourblind, hadn't noticed the red discs sitting on the green forest floor!!
So next turn out they came. Gorehams Rangers (in white) and the 80th Foot Gage's Light infantry. Gages' were carrying ladders. As soon as they were revealed I had to throw a D6 to see how many ladders they were carrying. I threw a dismal 2!

Richard started to move troops into the Fort and onto the ramparts.

A few closeups!

Richard certainly had the better of me in my attack, killing 4 of my figures!!

If only I'd thrown more than a 2!

2 figures had to carry each ladder, so everyone who could gave fire, did so. and not one bugger hit!
Mind you I had to throe an 18 or higher on a D20.

The Virginia Militia move out of the woods

I had more luck next round with my Natives, Mrs Cole would be recaptured soon.....I hope?

The Native village, originally owned and painted by long lost Reject Fran.

All the fighting trying to capture Mrs Cole was done without a single musket shot being fired.
So Richard could not could not react to the events unfolding before him.

Hence the Elders were still having there breakfast!!

More close ups...

Mrs Cole looking rather firm!!!

There's only 2 French Indians left?

More crap musket fire from me ensued, I only hit one figure after shooting with 9 figures! 

I was having just as much luck shooting at the other end of the Fort.

Richard started pushing some Montreal Militia out to shoot at my troops out in the open.

The Fort is slowly being surrounded.

Three Militia make a run for the Fort.

While I creep up from behind.


There's only their heads to shoot at, perhaps that's why I keep missing?

At last a bit of luck I threw a D20 and got 20, this killed Richard's character figure, who was a crack shot.

Edging closer and closer to the fort.

My ladders were aiming for the bare rampart next to the Blockhouse.

The Virginia Militia turned to shoot at the French Militia.

I finally got to the edge of the wood with my Natives.

Nearly there!

Gawd these ladders are heavy!

The markers shown are for reloading.

Two figures from the Montreal Militia, cowardly hide behind the wagon!

The Virginians didn't like the look of their foe, not one bit.

While the Rangers wondered how they were gonna climb the walls of the Fort?

Oops! The ramparts were empty, not anymore.

I'd been waiting for Richard to step his Natives forward, but he retreated, so I bought my last unit out onto the table top. It was another unit of Rangers.

Finally free, Mrs Cole was led back into the woods. She doesn't look that happy? Poor Colonel Cole!

A quick change of plan, one ladder here, while the other moves further up the side of the fort.

And the ladders are up!

Up my troops went, and down they both came, quicker than when they went up. Richard threw particularly good dice! Not like me! 

Will the fort fall?

Will I be able to burn the village?

Once again Richard's dice rolling paid in full, I'd lost 4 figures from the newly arrived Rangers.

Come on baby light my fire.

I'm close to the village.

Richard was panicking, he pulled all the villagers, women, children and the old and infirm to protect their village.

But it was all to late for me, Postie ended the game. I had only completed 1 job, the recue of Mrs Cole.
So the victory went to the defending French. Postie then really stuck the knife in saying" If you had killed another 5 of Richard's troops, his whole army would have retired and left the field."

Well don't tell me that now!!!

Mind you if we'd had another turn, with my dice throwing ability at the moment I doubt I would have caused Richard the 5 casualties I needed.
Oh well.....
Well done to  Richard, you played a great game and thanks obviously have to go to the Evil one, von Postie of the dirty dark deeds lives again.


  1. Cracking looking game Ray, what a great game.

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    1. I'd hate to think how much Postie spent on those trees!

  6. Ray, Postie sets a mighty fine table and your new camera photos are superb. Great job on retelling the battle, sir!

    1. Cheers Jonathan. I'll pass on your kind words to the little fella!

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  8. Edit to actually make sense!
    Unsurprising that such a finely named fort would would prevail! Great table and a game full of character. - enjoyed, thanks Ray.

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    1. Cheers Greg. Fingers crossed for October! We've a AWI game on Saturday, should be good.

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    whatever rules you were using seemed to work well too in what was obviously a very enjoyable game, win or lose,

    1. The rules do work well tbh, they're pretty simple (like Postie) but work really well. And yes another kipper game!

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    1. Richard gave me the win, but Postie denied didn't? Booooo!

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