Friday, 11 November 2022

Haitian Revolution Buildings no7 - 3 Story House

After a break, I'm back to the Empires at War buildings for my Haitian Revolution project.
This ones a big one!

A Spanish/Italian large 3 story house.
I left the doors and shutter in the same red they came in.

It has plenty of windows to shoot out of?

I like the added crack effect they put on some of their buildings, it just takes your eye off the stark wall.

Well it maybe a 3 story building on the outside, but the inside only has 2 floors.

And the balcony of course.

So that's another damn fine building ready for my giant town.
I do plan on a game soon, once I finally sort the rules out, which I somehow
 never find the time to do....

It does look as though they've had to pt their prices up, I'm sure I paid £22 for this one, now its £24.50.
Which is still a great buy.


  1. Nice looking building with superb colors!

  2. Dead sexy. Time to put 'em on the table for game, man!

  3. There is no housing shortage on your Haiti! Put ‘em all out on the table so we can see the extent of your housing boom.

  4. great looking building and good call to keep the red shutters and doors!

  5. Great looking building, still sounds like a good price!
    Best Iain

  6. That is a very impressive piece of real estate Ray, even with a price increase it is still really good value.

  7. Lovely building Ray. You must have enough for a small city by now.

  8. Another great looking building Ray, this really is a very nice range - look forward to seeing them all on your table in a game soon!

  9. Great looking building. You need to show the collection off in a game

  10. They look great Ray perfect for Haiti.

  11. Good looking building. Rapunzel does not need to grow her hair too long either!

  12. I'm wondering if you can put a firing platform on the bare inside of the building, Ray. Stand 1 figure at each window.

  13. Still trying to do every building in Port au Prince at 1;1 scale ? Great addition nevertheless.

    1. Thanks Joe. I think I perhaps bought a few too many???

  14. A lovely piece of Real Estate Ray…

    All the best. Aly