Saturday, 7 August 2010

Huguenots Flags - My First Post!

Welcome to my blog and to my first ever post. My blog will mainly consist of posts about Wargaming and Wargame related items. Hope you all enjoy it!!!

Recently on the League of Augsburg site, there were some figures for sale that Barry painted up for the Battle of the Boyne. As there's no info on the three Huguenot regt's that fought he made up some flags, so I thought I'd have a go too. The flags are LeCaillemotte regiment in blue, de Meloniere regiment  in black & du Cambon regiment in green. They're not the best flags you'll ever see, but feel free to copy them if you want.

I have made some other flags that are not commercially available for the period that I'll post at a later date.


  1. Hey Ray! I noticed nobody commented on your first blog post so I thought I'd drop you a congratulatory note. (I always enjoy looking at 'veteran' bloggers' first posts.) You've come a long way from those early days, mon ami! Congratulations!

  2. I traveled back in time to congratulate you on this first epic post. I knew one day you'd be a world class flag maker!

  3. And so it began. The flags have only gotten better and better. Nice post to call up for old stuff day and one that has something useful in it as well.