Monday, 30 August 2010

Mackay’s Regiment Flag

On my workbench at the moment sits a half painted unit for my British army for the Nine Years War. Mackay’s Regiment. I needed a break from painting, my neck was killing me, so I moved onto the units flag, which like most for the period, is not known. I liked the look of the flag used by Barry on the League of Augsburg site, Link it looks like a flag used by the Stuart’s of Atholl in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, so I used that idea. For the second flag I used a Scottish saltire white on blue and added a coat of arms for the name Mackey, I think it looks quite effective. But for the total purists among you, it my cause a nosebleed, sorry!

If you want to paint the unit up and have no flag, copy this one with my best wishes.

Hugh Mackay’s regiment was part of the Anglo-Dutch brigade and fought at the following battles:

Killiecrankie 1689, Aughrim 1691, Leuze 1691, Steenkerque 1692 where Hugh Mackay was killed, Landen/Neerwinden 1693 & Namur 1695.

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