Sunday, 11 December 2011

The 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge

 "The 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge"

I contacted Curt via his blog Analogue Hobbies, and have joined in the fun and games of his painting competition.
To enter the competition Curt will very cunningly get a 20 figure Viking unit painted for free, as to enter the contest each contestant has to paint up a Viking figure and send it back to him, earning an exrta 10 points. Here's a link to the rules.

Basically, whoever earns the most points will win a prize. Curt has come up with a scoring matrix to dish out the points.

Scoring Matrix
5 points per 25/28mm foot figure
10 points per per 25/28mm mounted figure
10 points per 25/28mm artillery piece or limber model
4 points per 20mm foot or unmounted horse figure
8 points per 20mm mounted figure
8 points per 20mm artillery piece or limber model
3 points per 15mm foot or unmounted horse figure
6 points per 15mm mounted figure
6 points per 15mm artillery piece or limber model

At the moment I've got 4 squadrons of NYW Horse all ready and raring to go, so once they're all painted and based I'll send off a few photos to Curt, to put up on his blog and I'll earn myself  36 points per squadron!!!
It all kicks off on 20th December and finishes on the 20th March.

So good luck to all you guys who entered. I'm out to win, so bring iot on guys!!!! But seriously my major goal is to beat my pal Fran, The Angry Lurker and I'm sure the feeling is mutual!!!!!


  1. Good luck Ray, the gloves are clearly off!

  2. I'm in as well and I'm not sure what I'll enjoy more watching all the entries or the rivalry between you and Fran!:-0


  3. You're going down quicker than a $10 hooker my friend.

  4. Oh this is going to be grand. Ray, you've got bollocls. I'll tell ya that. Angry scares the shite out of me and you're over here poking the Big Guy. I'd love to have a poster of that photo though, I'll frame it and hang it on me bedroom wall.

  5. Ah...can't you just feel the love!

  6. oooo a paint off - this could get messy :)

  7. Looks like it's on now. :) Should be fun to watch.

  8. Really, nothing says masculinity like a full body contact toy soldier painting competition! Thats right folks, the fight is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!! Ahem, or whatever...

    Best to you both guys! Should be a blast.


  9. This will be interesting. Good luck Ray.

  10. Good luck Ray......and remember no sabotaging of Angry's figures.....not that I'm suggesting that you would...............Although it wasnt mentioned in the rules that you couldnt.
    Happy painting.

  11. Best of luck, Ray. This is going to get very entertaining.

  12. Lol, good luck. May the best man win.

  13. A painting duel? Nice!!!!!!

    Good luck too both of you, Ray and Fran!


  14. must feel really nice, good for you

  15. A very cool contest idea, especially the Viking warband part. Myself, I lack the commitments to complete anything at a reasonable pace.

  16. This should be fun to watch. I would compete,but assume 12 points won't count for much.

  17. You'll get pwned. End of story.

    Naah jokes. Healthy competition is all we need.

  18. Good luck...and thanks for the little Blackadder reminder...THAT made me smile!

  19. lmfao hahahaha that is the best pic of fran ever. it must be spread across the internet.