Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gunners Wargaming Giveaway!!

Check out Dan's Blog "Gunners Wargaming" for a fantastic give-away. The lucky winner will recieve a very unusual prize, here's what Dan's suggesting.

   "I was trying to decide what would be a good prize for a give away, when I thought the best prize is something tailor made for the individual, and something you can't get anywhere else, so my prize will be, I will collaborate with the winner to use my limited skills to create a group of characters/command stand/vehicle's/small unit, for your army, to your specification, using figures/models from my collection, and my conversion/painting skills. So you choose the scale, period and force and if I have it in my collection I will make something for your collection.
So how big will the group of figures be? upper and low limit will be determined by how much work will be needed for each figure, and how many I have available in my collection.

15mm and 1/72 figs - 8-16ish
28mm figs - 6-12ish
15mm vehicles - 1-3
1/72nd vehicles - 1-2
28mm vehicles - don't ask, I don't have any.
Mixed - or you may want a mix of a vehicle with some crew - 1 vehicle + 4-6 crew."

Sounds a great offer to me, my entry is already in, If you haven't taken up Dan's offer yet, I suggest you get your finger out, because time is running out to enter tomorrow!!!


  1. Stop advertising these! i want to win, and I need less competition! ;)

  2. 61 posts already!!! knowing my luck I´m doomed from the start

  3. I'd wish everyone luck, but there's only one winner sooooo