Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Battle of Irish Farm - An AWI batrep

Last Sunday after we visited Skirmish in Sidcup, Postie put on an American War of Independence game for myself and Fran. We usually use Age of Reason rules for our AWI games, but Postie fancied a change and has once again written his own set, borrowing bits and bobs from various other rule sets.

The set up, I was playing the Brits and Fran was playing the Americans

The Battle of Irish Farm 21st Sept 1779
British OOB
Maj-Gen Sir Henry Clinton
1st Brigade Maj-Gen Agnew
23rd Fusiliers
64th Foot
43rd Foot
Medium Gun
2nd Brigade Maj-Gen Stirn
Knyphausen Fusiliers
Prinz Carl Musketeers
Hessian Jagers
Light Gun
3rd Brigade Maj-Gen Vaughan
1st (Combined) Light Infantry
3rd Battalion De Lancey's Brigade
17th Light Dragoons

American OOB
Maj-Gen John Sullivan
1st Brigade B-Gen Maxwell
1st New Jersey
2nd New Jersey
3rd New Jersey
Med Gun
2nd Brigade Maj-Gen Heath
1st North Carolina
2nd North Carolina
2nd Light Dragoons
Light Gun
3rd Brigade Maj-Gen Spencer
New Hampshire Militia
Rhode Island Militia
Massachusetts Militia

Fran set up his New Jersey Continental Line on his right flank on a hill

With his other Continentals in a defensive position behind some walling.

Prinz Carl's were posted on my extreme left

While the rest of their brigade, were set up to the left of the main road. I planned for 
Hessians to stay put for most of the game and defend my flank

While my 1st and 2nd Brigades did all the attacking on my right, they were set up to face Fran's Militia brigade which he'd set on on his left flank

I had a lot of rough ground in front of me, as we were learning the rules Postie suggested 
I could go into skirmish formation with my Light Dragoon's and Light Infantry.

The Right Honourable Major-General Sir Henry Clinton

3rd Battalion De Lancey's Brigade
One of my favourite units, just love the white hats!

The American 2nd Light Dragoon's set up on Fran's left flank

Fran didn't move many troops in the first turn, I suppose he didn't really need to as he was in defence.
only the Riflemen moved forward, looks like he's going for my flank??

I made a general move forward

The rough ground was gonna be a right pain in the arse!
Like Postie suggested all my attacking troops were in skirmish, so they could move quicker
and be less of a target to cannon and musket fire, BUT I could not afford to be caught in skirmish!!

The Royal Artillery opened fire, on a 1 or 2 you'd miss your target
which seemed to happen more often than not!

The Hessian's also open fire but with little effect

Turn 2
Fran's Riflemen advance once again

They're getting a bit too close for my liking??

My Jager's lead the way and move across the cornfield

While Fran sits and waits

I form up my Light Dragoon's ready for a charge, while the line units
climb over the fence.

We both fire our artillery, I manage to damage Fran's Medium gun on the road.

Oooo I don't like the look of that!!!!

So I moved Prinz Carl's back a little, hopefully I'll be able to wheel next turn??

Fran can't take it anymore, he moves the 2nd New Jersey down off the hill towards 
my Jagers.

I had to turn my gun to face the Riflemen

Fran fired and killed a Jager, while I moved to my left.

I moved upto the fence line, but, if I reformed my side of the fence, when I moved over I'd be disordered, so I had a choice, did I take a chance and move over still in skirmish, then form up? or from up in the field and go disordered?? Also IF I stepped over the fence I'd be in cannister range
of Fran's artillery???
What to do??

The cotton wool shows were we both fired

I moved forward my Dragoon's, I expected Fran to do the same, but they stood as they were.

Maj-Gen Stirn leads from the front.

I charged Fran's Dragoons, but I made a mistake, my half move didn't contact Fran's unit
this meant he could counter charge!!!! Damn!

Fran started to misbehave once again, so he was punished in the usual manner, 
Posties nails to the head!

The 23rd move over the fence in skirmish.

Fran moved up to the fence line

We both gave fire and both lost troops

The melee
Was inconclusive....we both lost 2 figures each, so we'd fight again next turn.

I began massing my troops for the final push

While on my left I was still holding Fran in place

I finally killed off Fran's artillery down the road!!
Get in there!!!

Fran didn't approve
he he!

The 23rd advanced towards the Rhode Island Militia and take fire

Fran moved the 3rd New Jersey off the hill threatening my left, so in a very
 dangerous move turned the 43rd to fire in the flank off the 2nd New Jersey. 

My left flank, I should be able to hold for a few turns........I think?

Contractual shot of the Evil Postmaster General!

Its getting better, Fran's Light Dragoons flee the table after losing the next melee and routing

The 23rd charge the Rhode Island Militia who didn't fancy the fight and flee back
towards the baseline.

The American line.

The 23rd then charge the New Hampshire Militia and melee ensues

And unfortunately that's where we had to end the game!!
Fran was on a curfew and had to get back home to do the dishes!
Postie called the game a fighting draw, but even Fran said the game was mine, as I'd killed more casualties than him and had very nearly turned his flank.

So I'll happily take it as a win!!


  1. Are the figs Postie's? Is there a collection he doesn't have? ;)


    1. They are Posties and no there isn't a collection he doesn't have!!!

  2. A beautiful display of alot of hard work! Fantastic event.

  3. He had to go home and do the dishes? Get that man an automatic dishwasher!

    1. Afraid he IS the dishwasher and he's definitely not automatic!!

  4. Exciting and well-told, BatRep, Ray! Fantastic looking terrain and troops. The white-hatted De Lancey's are favorite of mine too.

    Was Fran's dishwashing appointment a ruse to avoid defeat on the field of battle?

  5. That is a great table, both terrain and figures. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. From my impartial position, I'd say you had the edge.

  6. Great AAR, love Posties collection! What general leaves the battle for dishes? Sheesh! ;-)

  7. Very entertaining read and very sporting of Fran to concede (is he on new medication ?).

  8. That was most entertaining, Ray. Congrats on the win, although the fact that Fran conceded defeat makes me think he's been taken over by aliens!

  9. Nice AAR! Great looking set-up

  10. Nice game. I think that the day was yours Ray (Fran, may I be excused? ). Hear hear!

  11. LOL: I was reading this batrep with my 3 year old son on my lap and when looking at the picture of Fran getting nailed by Postie he asked: "Dad who's that very LARGE man?" well to be honest he used a less polite word but any way it left me ROFLMAO! So thanks heaps for sharing and due apologies to Fran... :-P

    1. Lucky there were no pics of me as well then Sander!!!

    2. Big boned mate, what a load of tosh you big boned shite, it was a test game and you were on curfew or I could have pushed for my inevitable win, boring read as usual you swine.....I'm sending my second round!

  12. Well done guys and great batrep Ray.

  13. Of course you won. You had Clinton on your side and were playing the British. Kinda says it all.

    Nice AAR mate (they always are)



    1. Nothing to do with Clinton, it was because I was playing Fran!! And I've had to put Capcha up because I'm getting inundated with bloody spam, over 1000 visits yesterday!!!!!

  14. Great report Ray. Excellent photos too! Really like the look of AWI, very colourful!

  15. That is a very nice looking game set in a lovely period and of course a great a AAR as well! Tell Fran he can think of a better excuse then having to wash dishes if he wants duck out.:-)


  16. What a great game, must have been nice to get into Fran's flank, shame you could not get the killing blow in


    1. Indeed, it would have been nice to play another couple of turns.

  17. This one is very, very impressive! Armies and pictures are awesome Ray, excellent AWI report...and congrats!

  18. Lovely looking game gentlemen. Thanks for the pictures Ray.

  19. I keep thinking about getting into AWI, but always manage to stop before I take the plunge. Looks like a fun game though.

  20. Very impressive game! Great figures and huge battlefield. Nice to hear Postie using his own rules. Gracious of Fran to concede defeat in spite of the Postie's ruling. Best, Dean

  21. I enjoy every image you posted and every sentence - so marvelous battle report with splendid images. A real pleasure!

  22. Come on the 23rd. It ticks all the right boxes with period, scale and a wonderful looking collection.

  23. Yay a win to the mighty Ray! Whats this captcha bollocks you've turned on dude!

    1. I'm getting inundated with bloody spam at the moment, its driving me mad, so I turned captcha on for a few days, hopefully it'll rid me of the bastards!!!

  24. Excellent pictures and battle report Ray! Again! Thanks for sharing!
    Still the Americans won this war at the end! ;-)


  25. Very impressed with that AAR! Very good looking figures. Rules cobbled together on the fly that work! Looks like a good time for all. Sir Henry, though, had not been a Major General since 1775. Lieutenant General in the Army with local rank of Full General in North America by 1779. Sir Henry was rather prickly about things like that, but he was anything but shy. Led the grenadier battalion in a charge at Monmouth.

    1. Didn't know any of that info, thanks for sharing and I'm pleased you liked the report.

  26. Excellent AAR. Thanks for posting, great photos as well of the battlefield.

  27. Always good to see you guys beating up each other. Even nails are allowed now, where does this end? Great batrep as always Ray!

    1. Cheers Mike, I'm still waiting for Fran to comeback with a load of verbal!!!

  28. Nice batrep mate, and a win is always good. Lol.

  29. Great looking game Ray.
    Nice photo shots of both infantry,and cavalry and that is impressive cannon fire too. Amazing what a wiff of cotton wool can achieve on a photo shoot. I hopped over from Benno`s Figure Forum after seeing your item there. Glad I did. Keep posting there,because you are the only War Gamer that does. By the way,"That is a very neat layout." Beano Boy

  30. It looked like you had the better field position too. Lovely figures and great report.

    1. Fran set up badly, he shouldn't have put the Militia out on the flank, so I just had to go for them!!

  31. Allow me to be the arrogant American. 'Merica rules! I know. I'm terrible....'Merica!

    Great looking game, figures, and set up. Congrats on your win.

  32. Glad you goobers got to play together. But wait? No picture of you Rayolla? What gives?

  33. Love all the lil' horsemen! And how positively scandalous of Fran to show us the finger :)

  34. Great battle report Ray - both the table and figures look marvelous. Nice to see Fran settling in to his old self. I often use those very same hand signals in my games...

  35. Great report Ray. Awesome looking game. I also loved those white hatted troops, very fine.