Wednesday, 4 January 2017

AHPC VII 1st entry 2 x Mounted Moors

As some of you may be aware its Painting challenge time and this is my first entry into the
These 2 were undercoated during the last Challenge, and along with loads more
never got painted. Most were sent off to Fran, who painted them up for my Broadside game 
I kept a handful of figures both mounted and dismounted back to use these as Leader or 
Character figures. These two never made it, so I thought I'd get these finished first!

The chap on the left is an Essex miniature, while I think the other is a Gripping Beast,
but I could well be wrong???


  1. Nicely done mate. I liked them on the challenge and I like them now.

  2. I like the simple but bright colors. Well done!

  3. Well painted with great figures. Well done that man!

  4. These are great Ray and breaking into the top half of the pack, nicely done that man.

  5. That man has done it nicely!