Wednesday, 11 January 2017

AHPC VII. Armour Bonus Round - 25mm Donnybrook English Engineer


Its Bonus round time!!
And our first Bonus round was "Armour"
I don't really do any periods that use armour per say, so this was the best I could do
this Dixon Miniature from their Grand Alliance range. 
He's the Officer in their EG2 Pioneer pack well worth the £6.95 IMHO!
The other figures in the pack will hopefully be making an appearance later in 
the Challenge

 If you feel the need to vote for my Officer, or any of the other splendid entries
then click this link!
Adding the 55 points for this figure to my total gave me 75 points and pushed me
up to 51st place, although I'm back down to 57th as I write this post!

The next Bonus round is due in on the 22nd Jan and is "East"???
this has really left me scratching my head!

Maybe time to think laterally once again???


  1. I thought that this was a great miniature Ray and really nicely done. I am just worried that he is deciding where to put his sandbags. ;)

  2. Very slim Rousell, stewards enquiry!

  3. Hum, where's the North please? Nicely done Ray!

  4. f***ing nice painted figure!

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  6. Well done Ray. He may be modelled on you as in Frans comment, Alas I do not see the resemblance!
    However it is a very nice figure and very well painted.

    East is a bit of a head scratcher for me as well. I was hoping for an order to be delivered in time. Alas I think I am on my "stand by" position for this one! As East is causing me some issues! And the Order has yet to arrive.

    1. I've had an idea for East, its a bit sideways but it'll have to do!

  7. Wonderful character - I would say dashing!

  8. Interesting sculpt and a wonderful rendition, now looking forward to the rest of the engineers.

    1. Cheers Joe..........hopefully they'll be there way soon, fingers crossed!