Tuesday, 7 March 2017

AHPC Bonus Round Film Characters - Inglorious Rejects

Curt bamboozeled all entrants of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge this
year with his last bonus round. "A Character(s) and/or Scene from a Movie,
TV Program, Book or Piece of Music", but the little twist was you have to
 partner up and both or all have involvement in the piece.
Well BigLee was an easy choice to partner up with as we are both members
 of Posties Rejects, I'm sure if Fran was in the Challenge this year
 he would have joined us too.

I'd seen these figures in Wargames Illustrated the month before and knew
 they fit perfectly. They are based on two characters from Inglorious Basterds,
 the 2009 war film by Quentin Tarantino. Lee agreed to the choice as
 long as he could paint up the baseball bat wielding Staff Sergeant
 Donny Donowitz. Although in his version of events, I wanted to paint up
the Brad Pitt figure, when in truth, it was him who was blabbing 
 " I wanna paint the figure with the bat!!"  

We both decided to use our figures as our Curtgeld entry too, which for those
not in the know, is the price we have to pay for entering the Challenge.

We were both unsure of how to base the figures up, in the end we decided on a
scenic base, with detachable figures. So at Cavalier a few Sundays
 ago we made a few small purchases, Lee took the figures and basing materials
 away and finished off the base.

I've gotta admit, I think we both made a great job on the figures, Lee commented on
 Lt Aldo Raine's leather coat, on how it looked.....leather! To give it an extra
 sheen, I mixed a small quantity of both Matt and Gloss varnish to make the
coat stand out from the rest of the figure. I'm very pleased with the result.

There are once again some really excellent entries into the bonus round, if you feel the
 need pop over and cast your vote, here!
BigLee's version of events can also be found here as well!


  1. I think they are awesome! Inglorious Basterds - excellent choice.

  2. The pair of you created a small masterpiece! Great vignette.

  3. Such a wonderful idea for the round Ray, great job the pair of you.

  4. Exellent compossition and paintwork Ray

  5. Lovely job on some cracking figs!

  6. Cocky characters! Very abruptly, Ray 8)

  7. Wonderful looking figures Ray!

  8. Very cool mate they look great!

  9. Fran is too busy chasing internet pole attacking cows across Ireland :)

  10. Great, i like the man with the baseball

  11. Great pair of figures and difficult to distinguish the painter in either - very worthy entrants.

  12. Great job on those figures gentleman. Aldo Raine - the name always cracks me up as I used to love Big Aldo Ray in those 1950's and 60's Sunday afternoon war movies!

    1. Probably why they used the name, Tarantino does love a cowboy film.

  13. Great vignette and painting! Splitting painting was a neat trick and a nice touch on the leather. I have to remember that one!