Monday, 18 September 2017

Skirmish Wargames Show Sept 17

Posties not been a well chap recently, so I didn't know if we were gonna make Skirmish last Sunday.
But obviously we did, Postie put on a brave face and drove us up the A2 to Sidcup.
Col Bill was very glad to see us!

Not sure if they were, but numbers did seem down from the April show?
I guess being so close in date to Colours affected business?

Great grass tufts from Debris Of War

Medway Wargames - Wrath of Kings

The Old Guard - Imagi-nation

Maidstone Wargames Society  


Not Sure who - Vikings

Herne Bay & Whitstable -  20mm Napoleonic's

North London Wargames Group - 6mm Borodino 1812

Rainham Wargames Club - Napoleonics
Clint and Co
See Clint's post on Skirmish here

Skirmish Wargames - Sharpe's Village

The Privateers of London - The Battle of Grand Port

Milton Hundred - Strike on Karalis

? - 40k

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Battletech

The Bring & Buy

Games Hall
The floor tiles actually hurt my eyes.......
And who's that taking a pic of the 6mm Nappies
Yes its BigLee!! 
See his report on Skirmish here.

Finally the goodies!
Not a lot really, I needed a few extra cavalry bases for Donnybrook, from Col Bill's
A pack of mounted civvies from Col Bill's, once again for Donnybrook
a Foundry peasant cart for errrr....... Donnybrook?
And finally 3 packs of excellent grass tufts from Debris of War Scenics!

Next stop


  1. Appreciate the photo recap of the show,Ray. In the photo of the 6mm Napoleonic game, do you know who makes that Italian hill village? I WANT one!

    1. I think that village is possibly from Total Battle - see



  2. Great posting, Ray. Putting it together must have taken you a good while, so many thanks indeed for spending the time on it. Such a pity the show is so far North, as your pics make it appear to have been a pleasant gathering. Plus some nice Donnybrook swag :-)

    1. Cheers Simon, it almost made my nosebleed going that far north!

  3. Some great setups. Glad Potsie was up for the drive.
    I bet those shows give you guys all sorts of cool ideas for games.

    1. They certainly do Alex and they always hurt the wallet!

  4. Hmm, Stu never turns down the chance to have his photo taken, does he! :D

    Cheers for sharing the photos, Ray

  5. Ray, thanks for the photo collection, a great effor put into the games by all concerned ..... I do like the look of that imagi-nations game.

    1. One of the guys at the game showed me one of his homemade artillery pieces. Made from beads. It looked pretty cool, but the photo i took came out too blurry to post.

  6. Looks like a grand time, Ray.

  7. Quite enjoyable reading, Ray. Thanks for putting it together.

  8. Cheers Ray good to see you up and about.
    very small side note. Not Vikings but Romano British vs Saxons.

  9. Superb review and great pictures Ray!

  10. Seems like a great little show Ray, thanks for keeping us postied ;-)

  11. them horses might eat the grass tufts!

  12. Great photos Ray and a loof interesting games.

  13. Wonderful summary as always Ray - many thanks for the excellent photos.

  14. Wow, great pictures, splendid tables...and nice French flags as well...