Thursday, 15 February 2018

AHPC 8 Bonus Round "Musician" Donnybrook - Dancing duo

Another bonus round entry for the Challenge
For me this was the easiest Bonus Round " Musician"
It was the only round I knew what I'd paint as soon as I read the list.
The figures are from Col Bill's Depot Battalion sold as "17th Century Musicians and Dancers"

They can be bought here at Col Bill's for only £5!

They're not going to do a lot of fighting but should look the part, as
a bit of scenery, but you never know they could be hired assasins
scoping the village out??


  1. love you "hired assassins", Ray. Nice vibrant colours and clean painting. Marvellous additions :-)

  2. Perhaps this musician duo and dancers will be their place as bystanders in a bar fight?

    1. Could be, carrying on playing and dancing while the place is being smashed up.

  3. Fine job on the musicians. Maybe they will be frolicking with joy as your army destroys their town?

  4. ♫♫ Very nice Ray...and atmospheric!♪

  5. Very nice Ray. Assassins?! Remind me never to accept an invite to one of your parties :)

  6. Gitfiddle music will always get your toes to tapping. Were they trying to perform while you were painting them?

  7. I think that's a lovely entry Ray, well done!

  8. I like this a good deal Ray and these sorts of figures/vignettes add so much to any tabletop army. You have especially captured the character in the figures with your painting style. Perfect!

  9. Fantastic figures, a shame shipping cost to NL are so high from UK, but cool shop this is...
    You done a splendit painting job here, must be fun painting these...