Thursday, 21 March 2019

AHPC9 BLB - NYW Spanish brigade 1692

Back down to 15mm for my next Painting Challenge entry.
I've been promising myself that I'd paint a Spanish brigade for my Beneath the
 Lily Banners rules for a few years now. well 5 years to be exact, where'd that time go??
I bought a copy of The Spanish Armies of the League of Augsberg, here, after winning a competition which got the juices flowing.....
So here we are!

There are 4 units of infantry, 4 artillery pieces, a stand of Grenadiers
and 3 commanders. All the figures are from Donnington, which are not my usual 
goto company for my NYW figures. I bought 98% of this on ebay for  a bargain price.
Then had to top up a few bits and bobs. They are a little larger than Essex, but hey ho
beggars can't be choosers!

A pic from the back

Tercio Sevilla or old Violet’s (Morados viejos)
Maestros de Campo : (1685) D. Thomas de los Cobos y Luna, (1695) D. Francisco Antonio Diaz Pimienta 

Tercio Cordova or old Green’s (Verdes viejos)
Maestros de Campo : (1682) D. Carlos de Eguia, (1691) D. Juan Vasquez de Acuña, (october 1694) D. Esteban de Olalla

Tercio Valladolid or old Yellow’s (Amarillos viejos)
Maestros de campo : (1677) D. Antonio Serrano, (1689) D. Pedro Tolesano y Velasco, 
(1695) D. Fernando Davila Bravo de Laguna.

Tercio de Aragon
Maestros de Campo : (1678-1691) Artal de Azlor, conde de Guara,
 (1692) Guillén Ramon de Moncada, marqués de Aytona, (1693) D. Geronimo Pérez de Nueros y Pueyo

1 Heavy, 2 Medium & 1 Light artillery piece

1 Base of Grenadiers

Governor General and Captain General of Flanders

03/01/1686-December 1691 D. Francisco Antonio de Agurto, Marqués de Gastañaga.

D. Juan Vasquez de Acuña

D. Pedro Tolesano y Velasco

Spanish flags are a right pain, there were a quite a number captured at various battles
But we don't know which flag belongs to which regiment, with the exception of 
Tercio Aragon on the left. So I picked the ones I liked and added them to the regts.
All flags are taken from the book previously mentioned,
The Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsberg 1688-97
by Giancarlo Boeri, Josè Luis Mirecki and Josè Palau with Artwork by Robert Hall
available from The Pike & Shot Society

So by my calculations we have
4 x 21 figure units =  168
6 x Grenadiers = 12
12 x Artillerymen = 24
4 x Artillery pieces = 16
6 x Commanders = 24
For a total of 244 points!!
But Minion Lee awarded me a few bonus points taking me up to 250 points
and cementing me in 8th place in the Challenge.


  1. I was hoping all that scored you a lot of points. Colorful selection of units. And if you don't know the flag, good excuse to give them something interesting.
    Eight place - well done! Is that a record?

    1. Thanks Alex!
      Afraid not, 8th place is great, but I came 1st a few years ago.

  2. They do look good mate. well worth the effort.

  3. Units, flags and buildings, everything's superb!!

  4. Excellent work from the Beggar King!

    1. Beggar King? What you going on about now?

    2. "They are a little larger than Essex, but hey ho
      beggars can't be choosers!"


  5. Brilliant, all around! Makes me think about doing my NYW in a larger scale (must...resist...).

  6. Massive number of points and great job! You are climbing the ladder!

    1. Climbed Jonathan. It's all over until December. I just hope I can keep up the painting.

  7. Georgeous! What make are the Buildings? Faller?

    1. Some are Faller, can't remember the others names. I'll post again later.

  8. Lovely array of troops in front of equally lovely buildings, Ray!

    1. Thanks Dean, the building do look pretty cool.

  9. You’ve saved the best for last Ray. What a great wee army. Question is - do they have someone to fight?

    1. Oh yes! I've a mighty French army ready and waiting.

  10. Great job, Ray. I see you are in the center-front row of the 1st picture. Thanks for waving to me!

  11. Nicely done! I love the look of 15mm regiments.
    Good job in the challenge. 😀

  12. They look great Ray it's not often you see that Donnington range nowadays. They are a good fit with the Mick Yarrow Sedgemoor ones should any come your way.

    BTW if you have a moment could you add instead of With peril in jeopardy to your bloglist. I sadly can no longer update the latter.

    Thanks a million


    1. I did wonder what had become of you OB.
      I'm all signed up on your new blog. Why don't you put a Followers widget up?

  13. A grand looking bunch, Ray. A very respectable score!

    1. Thanks, it's been a hard slog! I've still got a few entries to post up as well!

  14. What a lovely set of houses!

  15. That's some force and what is Fran doing waving a flag around ?