Friday, 9 December 2022

Haitian Revolution Batrep - Attack on the Tallier Plantation 1791


I'm sure some of you, my readers will be pleased to finally see a Haitian Revolution game up on my blog, I know I am!!!
My pal Neil, who so far has only played 1 game at Reject HQ and a few small Donnybrook games in my front room, asked if I'd put on a game for him. Both our wives were off on a Jolly to visit the Christmas markets in Hamburg and Bruges, so I set up a game, using mostly my terrain and a few fields from Postie.
As you know it takes a while to organise and set up a game, no matter how big or small it is, so I was pretty gutted, when 30 minutes before we were due to start, he had to cancel.
So a quick ring around, Postie was out, Richard was working as I knew everyone else would be. So a quick call to Rejected Reject Ian and the game was on.

For ease I decided to use Donnybrook rules, you may have heard me mention them before???

The year is 1791, all over Saint Domingue, the slave population have been revolting and attacking their former masters. Antoine Taillier the owner of the Taillier Plantation has heard a mob is decending on his plantation, he has sent messages for help to other plantations in the area and to the local magistrate.
Upon hearing the news, most of his slaves have melted into the countryside, so he only has a few men to save his plantation and family.



Workers 1        D8 Drilled 8 figs
Workers 2        D8 Drilled 8 figs
Trusted Slaves D6 Recruits 6 figs

Mssr Tailleir     D8 Drilled : Plantation owner, armed with a sword and pistol
Fabian Blaise    D10 Hero : Platation Manager, crackshot
Frederic Paquet D8 Drilled  : Plantation foreman. If attached to a unit when his card is drawn the unit will reload.
Ranier Bonnay D8 Drilled : Hired help, +1 to any unit in melee if attached
Madam Tallier D6 Recruit
Gaston Tailleir D6 Son
Avril Tailleir    D6 Daughter

Colonial Dragoons D8 Drilled 6 figs
Corporal Paquet     D8 Drilled  :  Dragoon Commander +1 in melee if attached

French Militia        D8 Drilled 8 figs
Brigadier Fortier    D8 Drilled Militia Commander, Armed with a sword and pistol, +1 in melee

Perault Workers     D10 Elite 6 figs
Leon Perault          D10 Elite : Local landowner


Slaves 1                      D6 Recruits 12 figs Armed with Muskets
Slaves 2                      D6 Recruits 12 figs Mixed weapons
Slaves 3                      D6 Recruits 12 figs Hand weapons
Slave Sharpeshooters D10 Elite 4 figs


Sonny Boukman    D12 Hero : Rebel Leader: +1 to morale to any init within 12 inches, hand weapon
Odette                    D8  Mambo : When attached to a unit, any enemy in melee lose 1 dice
Shaman                  D8  Oungon ; Any unit within 12 inches may reroll a failed rally check
Pascal Bonfils         D8  Weapons Master : never needs to reload, gains +1 on his to score dice to hit


Slave Sharpshooters 2 D8 Drilled 4 figs
Duco                            D8 Drilled : + 1 to shoot dice

Fanatics                       D10 Elite 10 figs
Felix                            D10 Elite : Must cahrge any enemy leadr if in range and fight to the death

Colonial deserters       D8 Drilled 8 figs
Sgt Clemont Vasson    D8 Drilled : +1 in melee if attached.

Ian chose to protect the Plantation, which gave me the Slave army

Ian could place several pieces of terrain to hide behind or hinder the attackers.

He lined the main road with the Trusted slaves and Workers 1

While workers 2, stayed back a little. I did tell Ian that there may be some re reinforcements, but didn't tell him where? Hence the troops deploying at the back. 

Here I come!

And from the rainforest too.

Its not a big table, but it'll do!

I'm very pleased with my homemade Jungle/Rainforest.

Ian'd had enough, Workers 2 moves up to the hedge. 

Moves the Trusted slaves back and elongates his front line.

I take a pot shot and drop a few of the defenders.

In Donnybrook, each unit and character has a card, there is also a End of Turn card and a reload card (I used 2 in this game) I also added an event card. When this was drawn 1 side would get a unit of reinforcments. The 50/50 chance came out in my favour, as did the unit, the Fanatics and where they came on. Right behind Ian's right flank!!

Ian had to turn and shoot.

My luck was really in, the next turn I got another unit on the table, the Colonial Deserters, but no luck in there position. on my left halfway up the table.

Before I got a chance to move, Ian shot at my fanatics, I lost a figure.

We both took and gave casualties in the middle.

Damn, Ian threw some bloody good dice, killing nearly all of my fanatics including their leader Felix, he didn't even get a chance to move!

My musket armed Slaves fall back after failing their check.

For 2 turns the deserters failed to move, which held up my 3rd unit of reinforments that were behind them.

The Workers were stubborn buggers!

Just where i didn't want them, The French Militia arrive and move up to the wall to give fire.

The slave didn't like that and they run!

The Slave muskets also lose more figures and fail their morale.

Hmm? Not looking so good anymore?

There's still some fight keft in the Slave army though, they line the hedge and shoot.

My Sharpeshooter shoot once and lose a figures themselves, which they didn't like so the turn and move away.

Ian gets his final unit on the table, the Colonial Dragoons.
Which is where my army morale collapsed, the slave mob, left the field ready to group together again and fight another day.


The game worked very well, I was pleased with how the game worked with the Revolution figures. I did want to keep Donnybrook just for the LoA period, but I'll certainly give these a go with the Rejects in the shed of war on a bigger table, for sure!

We did play another game, more on that later....



  1. A very bonnie game Ray. Great narrative too. I love anything with jungle in it!

  2. Outstanding game layout, Ray! You ought to hoist a game more often with such a display. Your rainforest is superb and makes a dominating and beautiful terrain feature. The rebellion is not off to a great start but hope to see more.

    1. No, I didn't expect the Rebels to lose if I'm honest, its didn't help that I failed nearly every rally test I through for though. I'm very please with the jungle terrain, it does look pretty good if I say so myself.

  3. Great to see some of your Haitian figures on the table, and a cracking table it is too!! Great set up, the terrain is really superb. Great looking game al round and a nice report as well!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Donnie, I'm pleased you like the look of the game.

  4. Ray, to my eyes (and home set-up), that is the perfect balance of table size, visuals and action. From other posts that I have seen, The Donnybrook rules seem ideal for the creation of exactly that. Nice to see the collection get to the table. The second photo is very inspiring.

    1. I'm very pleased with both the rules and the look of the game Norm.

  5. Brilliant looking game. Excellent troops and terrain. Looking forward to a game with these in the shed of war.

  6. Splendid game and great to see the collection get some use

    1. Absolutely, its great to get them out on show.

  7. Looks great Ray. Can’t believe you actually played a game of Donneybrook.

    1. Me neither Peter, what is the world coming too????

  8. Cracking looking table Ray. Love the jungle . And yup have plate Donnybrook!

  9. Lovely table Ray, and great to see the figures in action.

  10. Quite the setup. Glad you got to play after all. I've done D&D campaigns so I understand the effort that goes into games like that.

  11. Worth waiting for Ray, beautiful game.

    1. Thanks George, I'm very pleased it went so well.

  12. The table looks superb Ray and I for one was happy Madame and Madamoiselle Taillier (glimpsed by the plantation homestead in a couple of the early images) were spared the attentions of a victorious slave army!

    1. I was kinda hoping they'd get caught, but alas it wasn't to be.

  13. Great looking table and game, certainly suits my style of gaming at the moment . Nice to see your collection in action

    1. Its taken long enough to get them on the table top Graham.

  14. Certainly different subject matter and always a great feeling to get a new project on to tabletop especially when its looks so good

    1. Yep, it is different, that was the appeal. But sure does feel good getting a game with them.

  15. Excellent battle, been waiting for it

  16. Delightfully exotic! Long live Revolution, down with the colonisers!

  17. Napoleonic Caribbean or India next year - one of the two, can't make my mind up!

  18. Donnybrook.... I have heard mention of it before but I cannot recall where....
    It looks like you and I have been shopping at the same pet shop for our jungle supplies; your terrain- both the buildings and the jungle stands- looks great.

  19. Splendid Ray..
    Certainly an excellent looking first game…

    All the best. Aly

  20. Great looking game and well done getting so much in on a small(ish) table. I suspect this engagement probably went the way that many did in the real war, but overwhelming numbers and repeated attacks would whittle the 'whites' down eventually.

    1. There were too many Plantation troops if I'm being honest. Just didn't think they'd perform so well?

  21. Lovely looking table and a cracking game to follow!
    Maybe have the Slave army come on in repetitive waves to represent their advantage in numbers for a replay of this scenario? Have there be a "Hold by turn X" type rule for the defenders win stipulation?
    I dunno. Regardless, was a pretty report to follow Ray - good stuff!

    1. There is a rule, which I chose not to use, if a mob army loses 12 casualties from any unit, they can reappear at the rear of the army as a new unit, that would certainly work as you suggested.

  22. That's a great battle report. Thanks for including the Donnybrook stats of your forces. Donnybrook is a great ruleset, fun and versatile.

  23. I love the roof and the deck/patio. Very, very cool.

  24. Cracking stuff Ray, nice to see the toys on the table... I do like a Haiti adventure ;-)