Friday, 26 November 2010

Flodden Flags - Lord Scrope of Bolton

Lord Sir Henry Scrope, 7th Scrope of Bolton fought at The Battle of Flodden commanding the Swaledale and Wensleydale contingents.

A contemporary poem was written about Sir Henry Scrope, 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton:

Lord Scroop of Bolton, stern and stout

On horseback, who had not his peer

No Englishman Scots more did doubt,

With him did wend all Wensleydale'

From Morton unto Moisdale Moor;

All they that dwelt by the banks of the Swale,

With him were bent in harness stour,

From Weresdale warlike wights did wend,

From Bishopsdale went bowmen bold;

From Coverdale to Cotter-end,

And all to Kidton causeway cold,

From Mallerstang and Middleham,

And all from Mask and Midleconby;

And all that climb the mountains cam,

Whose crown from frost is seldom free,

With lusty lads and large of length,

which dwelt at Semerwater side,

All Richmondshire, its total length,

The lusty Scroop did lead and guide.

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