Thursday, 4 November 2010

More Tudor & Flodden Flags

Four more flags for the English army for the Battle of Flodden in 1513.
The first is for Christopher Savage's unit. Savage was the Mayor of Macclesfield and was slaughtered along with his contingent at Flodden.The Scots captured his flag.
The second flag is for Sir Edward Stanley's contingent which was on the extreme left of the English army. The next flag is for Henry Grey's contingent and was also captured at Flodden by the Scots.
The last flag is The Banner of St Cuthbert, which was carried by the Durham companies in the Lord Admiral's battle.


  1. Great flags. I see you also have 25mm Saxons and Vikings - I am just building some any flags for those chaps by chance?

    Paul of the Man Cave

  2. Not at the moment, but I may give them a go in the future!!

  3. Great flags- thanks very much!

    William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal died in 1530. Both his sons died at Flodden. A William Keith is listed among the "gentry" that are known as killed. The Keith flags belonging to Lord Robert Keith are the eldest son's, the master. the Earl's grandson, another William, inherited the estates in 1530, "the richest earl in Scotland" - which is probably not saying very nuch!

    Sources: Dunottar Castle Guide book, Niall Barr: Flodden 1513, Appendix 1.