Thursday, 25 November 2010

Battle of the Spurs - Duke of Buckingham and Lord Bergavenny

Two more flags for the Battle of the Spurs, in 1513, this time we have standards for Edward Stafford, the 3rd Duke of Buckingham and George Nevill the 3rd Lord (A)Bergavenny.
From June to October 1513 Buckingham was a captain in the English army in France, serving with five hundred men in the 'middle ward.'
In the expedition into France of 1513 Bergavenny took a prominent part. From June to October he was a captain, or rather general, in the king's army, and landed at Calais on 30 June. He filled the same position from May to August in 1514, and he was rewarded in 1515 by the grant of the keepership of Ashdown Forest.
I've added another flag to this post, I was advised that the flag of Lord Bergavenny was wrong. The flag below is not an exact copy of the flag shown on,, but it keep in with the size and style of the flags I've already made. So If anyone finds any mistakes or can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.


  1. Again nice looking banners. I have spread the word about your Blog to medieval collectors...they are all suitably impressed :-)

  2. Thanks for that :0) Its good to know people like and use my site, makes all the hard work worthwhile.