Sunday, 18 September 2011

NYW - Danish Regt Prince George Question?????

Morning Campers!!
 I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I know I said in one of my last posts I was going to paint up two more Dutch units for my NYW army, but you know what's its like for us gamers................
My plan is to paint up four Dutch and four Danish units to add to the English infantry I've already painted up, now here comes the dilemma,  I decided to paint the Danish Guard, Prince Georges regt plus two others.  After trawling the net and reading countless books, I've got to decided upon a uniform colour for Prince George's regiment, its either grey coat with orange cuffs or a green coat with orange cuffs, see image below.

The problem is the uniform changed from the green to grey in approx 1691, (or 1701 in other books?), which is all fine but I'm painting up my army for the Battles of  Steenkirke in 1692 and Landen/Neerwinden 1693. Also there's so much conflicting info, its also written that they didn't where green, but blue and that the original translation was wrong, so now we have a blue coat, cuffed in orange as well???? Confused? Me too!!!
So really I should paint it up in grey...............but I don't want to????????

So I thought I'd ask my blog pals, that's you reading this! and see what you would do? I'd like to say I'll go with the majority flow, but I might not like the answer you give!

Here's hoping


  1. Well I know zip about the NYW, but I'd lean toward the grey uni based on your info here. Having said that, unless your scared of the Historical Fashion Police locking you away, I think you should just go with the scheme you like the best and that will add to the overall appearance of your army.

    You've done your homework, came up with 3 possibilities, but no clear correct answer. So unless one of us bloggies knows the real deal (hopefully) it's really up to you. ;-)

    Good luck!


  2. I posted something on this on the league of Augsburg site the other day. I would go with gray and Orange for 1692-93.

  3. Go with the scheme you like best, at least you researched the facts.

  4. I say go with what you like best too. Besides who is ever going to correct you? If anyone ever did just say that these guys were painted to represent the unit at a particular battle, and make one up. If you sound confident you will be alright.

  5. I would have thought a nice red would do, as in Apple Danish.

    But then, I have no historic reference, just the menu in front of me...


  6. pain them so that you are happy with them. To hell what anyone else thinks. If you don't like the colour scheme, you'll hate the unit and that might afgfect how you use them on the tabletop.

  7. Preban Kannik, who is Danish, says in the Scanian War 1675-79 the King's and Queen's Regts are in red, and the ones of the princes in blue. Prince George with orange, Prince Carl with yellow. He shows an officer from that time in the late 70's.
    Then he says in 1683, Prince George aka Jorgens, with a slash in the o, married Princess Anne who is later going to be the Queen.

    The next picture shows the Prince Carl with the light gray with yellow from 1701. This one says the order to have the whole army, not Guards and not Queen's, but including the princes, wear light gray was issued in 1691, but doesn't say which moon. He goes on to say that when in 1711 they ordered everyone to change to red, it took a long time before everyone did it, not complete until 1720. Nine years to switch.

    He also says the Fyn regiments liked green, 1st in grey and green, 2nd in green and yellow.

    Dan Schorr used to have more, but he deleted the website.

    So, that still leaves a gap from 1679-1690 where Kannik doesn't say what else happened. Otherwise I think you have the same books I do, and the CD's about it are 25 bucks per type! Way too much.

    But the clue about how long it took to change 1711-1720 is useful for avoiding the 1691 order
    when your unit is hotly engaged overseas.

    Other than that, go with what Dangerous Brian said, because that problem he mentioned actually did happen to the Alte Fritz with his 8th Hussards. It is real.

  8. Paint it as you like.... I do it all the time. Just let everyone know what research you have done, and tell the button counters to bu**er off as you're not interested... ;o))

  9. Blue with orange cuffs. I actually had this discussion with another group. 4 of us delved into the library books and this was what we considered the closest to the thruth.

    Some may have been in dark green but they were a minoritet as it changed from grey to blue.

    But as mentioned above...Go with what you like fit them best and what you like.

    They are your toys mate ;-)

  10. paint them in flamboyant colours, that'll keep the enemies at bay. likes whats more scary than gay bacon strips

  11. The green one looks better!

  12. I'd paint them up with the green coats. If the unit was on campaign, chances are the issue of the new coats probably never reached them until they return home. This was quite common right through to the WSS