Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Broadside Games Show 2022


Last Saturday the 4th June, the Rejects drove the 12 minutes it takes to get to Medway Park Sports Centre, to take part in a demo game at Broadside Games Show, run by those very nice chaps at Milton Hundred Wargames Club.

We arrived just in time for the hall to open up for traders and clubs to set up.

As you may already be aware BigLee has spent the last few months painting up figures, buildings and terrain for us to put on a game. 

The game in question was "The Battle of Beau Hunks" a fictional game set in the early 1900's
Using Bluemoon's range of French Foreign Legion and Berbers.

We were using the rules The Men who would be Kings on a 6x4 table

We played 1 practise game, where the French Foreign Legion claimed victory.
Surj, Richard and Steve all wanted revenge and plotted and schemed how best to do it on the day.
They were joined by Oliver.

Me and Postie claimed victory in the first game, for the show we were joined by Smiffy and Dave, which was a bit of a worry as Dave can't throw dice for toffee!!!!

And we're all set, which is where I'm gonna leave our game and concentrate the rest of the post on other games and the show itself.

The Hall

Its quite a size to be honest and it was great that each table had a lot of room around them, so its easy to get all around the tables to take photos.
I've been to countless shows all over the country and I've got to say that this is a great venue (not just because its 12 minutes from my house!) The lighting is brilliant, everything is so clear, which really helps when taking photos. Also for a busy hall its also very quiet, apparently its got excellent sound proofing built into the walls.

ECW Skirmish - Gravesend Gamers Guild

  • Emperor Toad's Emporium - Bespoke Terrain & figures.

  • It was great seeing some more French Revolution action after Richard's game at last years Broadside.

Two games really stood out for me, this being one of them, from Deal Wargames Society.
It doesn't look much like Luxembourg to me, I guess they had to change their plans at the last minute?

I want one of these!!!

A superb game, well done Deal Wargames Society!!!

Mesopotamia 1916 - Skirmish Wargames

Flea Market

Not seen Clint (centre) for a while, nice to see him!

They came and took some photos of Lee's Desert Fort, to show on the site and forum, it was one of their models!

Col Bills
Stuart and Scotty

And mysterious lady!!!


Debris of War

There were a few smaller games at the other end of the show


Dead Man's Hand

Simon from Parkfield Miniatures selling Posties more figures!!

Its looking dodgy in the desert!

The second and I think my favourite game at the show was from 
Shepway Wargames Club - Viva la Revolucion! - Krush the Kaiser

Just a great looking game, with so mush going on all over the table.

So there you have it, Broadside 2022!

All the Rejects thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we even won Best at Show game!!!!

Thanks to all the Milton Hundred guys for all the hard work and will definitely see you again next year.
We even know what the games gonna be????


  1. Excellent show recap, Ray! So many terrific looking games on display. Congratulations on winning Best of Show.

  2. A fantastic photo report, thank you for sharing. It is very much appreciated from those of us whom were unable to attend, well done.


  3. What a cracking show and a great win for you all.

    I'm with you Ray, I want one of those churches too; any idea who makes it?

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Small but perfectly formed. Love the Deal game.

  5. Great report and looks like a really good show, just have to think of a reason to be in the area next year

  6. Congratulations to you and the rejects for winning best of show it sure looked nice!


    1. Cheers Chris, BigLee worked hard on the project.

  7. Great pictures mate and a nice report

  8. Great post some fine looking games, looks like everybody hand a fantastic day out.

  9. It was a great game that your group put on and a thoroughly deserved win. Very nice to have a show only 12 minutes from home.

  10. Your game looked great and was up against some stiff opposition - well done!

    And how did I manage to miss the Indian Mutiny game??? A period very much on my gaming radar at the moment!

  11. That looks like a very pleasant day out. Good pic's as ever Ray.

  12. Thanks Ray, great pics and it was nice to see you, congrats on best game!
    btw the Deal club's game was 'The real Guns of Navarone, liberation of Elba 1944' - they did a nice leaflet, but I'm afraid I lost my copy! I think they said the Luxembourg game wasn't ready in time, maybe at the next show..

  13. Great con.' report and excellent photos.Congrats on best in show.

    1. Thanks Joe, Lee put a lot of hard work into the game.

  14. Super report Ray, some seriously good looking games on show! Loads of stuff to pore over, lots of inspiration!

  15. Great stuff guys did very well to win the Best in Show, given the quality of the other games, particularly the Real Guns of Navarone ( the Deal one that said it was Luxemburg 1940 or something) and that Mexican Revolution one...they were both fantastic looking games!

    1. They were both brilliant looking games, so yes we did very well taking the award

  16. Great pictures, much more than I could get! Apologies for the Deal game, the Luxemburg 1940 game was swapped out at the last minute for the Elba 1944 Guns of Navarone game. My paperwork may not all have been changed...

    1. No problem Dave, thanks for organising another brilliant show! Looking forward to next year!

  17. Wow! Very impressive games, Ray. Love the opening one with the FFL vs. Arabs, as well as the one with the gun emplacements in the sea wall.

  18. That looked like a really good show.
    Next year!

  19. Great show report and good to hear your game worked out so well! Lovce to see that Battletech is being p[layed as well!

  20. Great looking, show,with a lot of varied games, both in quality and era - your own game did look the biz and congratulations on your win.

    1. Thanks Joe, we were all pretty chuffed with the win, great work all round by Lee.

  21. An epic photo feast Ray. Glad you all had a great time.

  22. Cracking looking event. Some fab tables. I really like that sea landing one with the assaulters climbing the cliff.

  23. Great show and thanks for sharing!