Sunday, 26 September 2010

Free flags for the NYW, Erle's, (19th foot) and The Earl of Derby's (16th foot)

I've been busy making some new flags for my NYW/League of Augsburg figures. There's no recorded flags for these 2 regiments, so I took my best guess, the regiments are Erle's, what would become the 19th foot and the Earl of Derby's regt which would become the 16th foot. Both regiments fought at the battles of Steenkirke and Landen (Neerwinden). The designs are taken from the coat of arms for the names Erle or Earl and Stanley the family name of the Earl's of Derby. Please feel free to copy them and use them for your units if you so wish. Comment welcome.

Erle's regt.

Earl of Derby's regt.

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