Saturday, 19 February 2011

Historically Inspiring No 2 Rush up the Anse du Foulon 1759

Another inspirational picture for your enjoyment, it's from one of my favourite periods, The French-Indian War or the Seven Years War in America. The pictures shows the mad scramble up Anse du Foulon, by the British army, on the 13th September 1759, trying to get foothold on the Plains of Abraham, which they did. This then led to the famous British victory at the Battle of Quebec.
My current project of the Nine Years War has put a temporary hold on my FIW 15mm skirmish figures, I will get back to them soon, fingers crossed!


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  2. If you tilt your head to the left, eventually they look like they are copying the pythons doing the assault on the north face of malden high street. :-D
    I´ll have to have a read up on the story behing that about advancing with weapons held at the slope!!

  3. I´ve just realised...I can post here and my PC doesn´t cr........

  4. Very good picture, good action shot.

  5. I've been up on that hill. There's a very beautiful park to preserve the piece of land, and gravestones for the Marquis de Montcalm and General Wolfe, about a musket shot apart. Not far away is the walled old city, with stone gates, and a few blocks down by the French Embassy there is a large bowling ball sized cannonball from the British naval bombardment almost entirely grown into the trunk of a large, old tree. Almost everyone speaks French there.

  6. I was there last spring. Even allowing for the changes the British made in the 1812 war (to defend against a potential Yankee invasion), it's hard to believe anyone could have taken that hill.

  7. From the top, it looks like no way. They were trying to sneak up there in the dark while the guards were sleeping.